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#151 Posted by wildvine (9950 posts) - - Show Bio
Moderator Online
#152 Posted by HumanRocket (8384 posts) - - Show Bio


^^^ this god please something like this would be amazing if you could make it happen.

#153 Edited by KaijuKingGojira (1410 posts) - - Show Bio

A worlds best forum poster mug...with a comic vine logo............

#154 Posted by Samimista (20750 posts) - - Show Bio

@wildvine said:

@bumpyboo said:

@wildvine: *gasps* Throw in a @samimista-style raccoon onesie and I am sold! Aw, little raccoon ballerinas with clown makeup ^_^


I would slap a baby seal for that onesie.

Ooh! =D Can we get a Vert-GoGos CD along with plushies of WV as Harley Quinn? 0.0 That would be awesome! =D We also need ballet slippers or perhaps a tiara that could be of Lykos? =O

#155 Posted by Riot_Sqrrl (262 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to see action figures of the users here; long and short boxes with the comic vine logos across the lid and an image of a prominent Marvel executive and a DC guy mugging a fanboy in an alleyway, kinda like they do every Wednesday, and coffee mugs with @judasnixon's likeness that undresses when filled with hot liquid.

#156 Posted by patrat18 (9813 posts) - - Show Bio

What's the point?

#157 Edited by SuperStar_sketcher (1512 posts) - - Show Bio

I would love to see a comic vine app for android in the play store

#158 Posted by The_Deathstroker (7923 posts) - - Show Bio

Geist related stuff.

In all seriousness though I would love to see something with Deathstroke

#159 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (6206 posts) - - Show Bio

A shirt with Flash that says "Flash Solos".

#160 Posted by Eftekhar (10 posts) - - Show Bio

A shirt with Flash that says "Flash Solos".

Hah! I'd buy that.

#161 Posted by The_Deathstroker (7923 posts) - - Show Bio

A shirt with Deathstroke that says "Deathstroke Solos"

#166 Posted by SpitfirePanda (887 posts) - - Show Bio

Comic book cases that hang from a rope (or piece of plastic). The rope (or piece of plastic) would be shaped like a vine, and each one would hold four comic books so you can have literal comic vines hanging from your wall. They would be primarily decorative.

#168 Posted by Comicdude360 (1501 posts) - - Show Bio

A mobile app

#169 Edited by comicace3 (5561 posts) - - Show Bio

Wristbands,keychains, a CV earring. Hoodies maybe.

#170 Posted by comicace3 (5561 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh! A t-shirt that says mod = god. Or a customizable one that we can put our usernames on.

#171 Posted by Keenko (1338 posts) - - Show Bio

A chew-force Batman shirt or a Geist shirt. Something that references happenings on the vine.

#172 Posted by Vega8282 (255 posts) - - Show Bio

Condoms with my Username

#173 Posted by SymbioticSpider-Man (635 posts) - - Show Bio

A T-shirt with the big 3 (Superman, Batman and Spider-man)

#174 Posted by TheBlondeGod (234 posts) - - Show Bio

@shanana said:

Offical CV Shirts, with Our usernames on them


Yes, yes yes.

#175 Posted by Comicdude360 (1501 posts) - - Show Bio
#176 Posted by TheBlondeGod (234 posts) - - Show Bio

Or a lanyard with CV on it!

#177 Posted by popoyez (23 posts) - - Show Bio

i like this Comic. its characters are so interesting and also its story.

#178 Posted by jhazzroucher (15875 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the most popular right now would be Comic Vine lanyards. I'd always wear it. :)

#179 Posted by Galactus92 (18 posts) - - Show Bio

What about where you could put your own face on the body of your favorite comic- book hero and have it printed on at-shirt, mug, etc! That would be so awesome!