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Historical parties

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This is going to be fun :)

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@CaioTrubat said:

This is going to be fun :)

lol No doubt.

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Use these comic characters....

And use our real world issues to discuss what these candidate would do to SOLVE these issues... The BEST MOST EFFICIENT WAY POSSIBLE..

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Diane Sawyer: "So candidates, let's get into the issue of national borders. How would you improve our border to those hostile to our nation?

Juggernaut: "I would cut spending to the military 100%"

Diane: "I'm sorry... Not sure if I heard you right Congressman Marko, but did you just say cut spendings funded to our military 100%??"

Juggernaut: "Yes, you heard, right... 100%. The fact of the matter is that the U.S government spends $1,412,054,790 every 24 hours for the military. The advertisement itself is $667 million, but the rest of the spending goes to the agenda, researches, architectural engineering, physical building, actions, moving to and from and maintaining that daily stability which is supported by not just the tax dollars alone, but the $711 billion of the new printed money by the stimulus bill by our last President. This action of printing new money plus the cost of making it because money doesn't just grow on tree causes the debt to rise up to where its at now. This country doesn't need debt so therefore if I am elected President, I will cut the military spending to zero. Flat.

Hulk: "I would have to agree with my colleague on this one, Diane. Our spending over seas is out of this world. If we stacked all of the dollar bills of today's world, it would reach passed the moon bridging this planet to mars: Literally. Which this much money, people believe the U.S becomes richer, but the fact of the matter is that, the value of the dollar goes down because there's too many of it being circulated. The money would be as good as toilet paper if we allow it to continue on, so I agree with Juggernaut that we should cut the military fundings to zero."

Diane: "But wouldn't this kind of plan do more harm done to our border defense rather than benefit it?

Juggernaut: "Absolutely not; as I said earlier, we spend over 1 trillion a day giving to the military. Other countries including our most largest rival, China doesn't even spend that much for their military, which spent an estimated $143bn on its armed forces in 2011. In layman's terms, every other country military-wise are stone ages behind us. We can sacrifice 4 to 8 years without giving free money to the military as we've been doing since World War 2 without having any of the other countries able to catch up for another 10 to 20 more years. All we have to do in our part is not to sell the technology. Our last President sold 200 Billion dollars worth of F-15 Eagles to Saudi Arabia not 3 years ago. We shouldn't have done that? Why do that? We could of used that money to spend for our people, but instead we spend it to build new tech for our Raptures and drones...

Diane: "But what does that..."

Juggernaut: "Let me finish... The point is that the economy and warfare go hand in hand when it comes to money and spending. The last President tried to bypass economy infrastructure and its border defense by having the Federal Reserve print and manufacture more physical dollar bills. This action causes inflation which created a hidden tax which makes cost of living more expensive while people struggle living off minimum wage. We don't need that extra spending for the military because all the other countries are a few decades behind us. Keep the military the way it is while using circulated money rather than newer prints and I'll do the rest. I can assure you that."

Diane: "Okay, what about the issue of a terrorist attack or nuclear threats?"

Juggernaut: "Do you know who I am? ---"

Diane: "Yes I do, but --"

Juggernaut: "I'm the Juggernaut!"

Diane: "Yes, but what about the rest of the people? Sure your body can withstand a direct nuke explosion as though it were a gust of wind, but others would surely die... Millions.."

Juggernaut: "They wouldn't even dare, because if they did; I would personally pay what ever country did it and bring them hell. And besides, due to my religion as a Cyttorian, I can summon the Crimson Bands to shield the United States for free... No Tax, no hidden fees.

Diane: "Very informa --"

Hulk: "Wait wait. I would like to have my say on this subject. All cameras on me now. For which ever country wants to start war with us.. ME! Or is having thoughts of trying to start with us will make me angry... And I'll tell you this --- You wouldn't like me when I'm angry..."

Diane: "Excellent! now we'll continue this debate with the rest of the candidates right after this short break. We'll see you then."

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If Superman isn't running, then I'm probably not voting.

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Captain America would be great.

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ha ha ha... this is hilarious.
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Dr. Doom and Magneto but it won't be a Republican party. It will be a Socialist Party.

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wheres superman

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Posting this to push the "football spam" threads to the second forum page since they don't need to be on the 1st page.

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I'm going to continue part two of this debate in a little bit.