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How do you feel when they bring some of the biggest superheroes to the big screen? Is it cool to see them? Does it make you mad that some of the directors haven't read the comics? I was just wondering what everyone thought.

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It's all good until they start to warp the comics to mirror the films

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Some of them work, some don't.

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i like mostly all of em but i hate how alot of it could be 100 times better, for 1 thing i hate is costumes, they prefer to trade the masks for sunglasses, and put on leather jump suits that look nothing like the comics, i know they try and put realism in it but you gotta remember its still a fictional story that got famous for the imagination the writers had

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I love it, even if the movie flops, for some reason I love it,

It gives us a chance to see our idols live and that always a plus