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Here's a thread for all those on Comic Vine that participates in sports such as MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and other combat sports to discuss training routines, workouts, techniques, etc.

Here are some questions you could answer to jump into this thread.

What kind of martial arts do you train for? What's your rank? Do you compete? What are your achievements? Where do you normally train at (who/what gym do you fight for)? What's your regular workout routine? Do you have a favorite striking, grappling and/or submission technique(s)?

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I have a yellow belt in Karate, but that was like... When I was 6 or 8.

I'm interested in starting up again but in another form of Martial Arts. Got any suggestions? I'd prefer styles that involve getting in close.

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@monsterstomp: Jiu-Jitsu is a really great martial arts of grappling and close combat techniques. BJJ is very well-known and practically has academies that teach this form of martial arts all over cities and the world. I think you'd have fun in this sport knowing that you once practiced karate. That being said, Judo or kickboxing would also be some great sports to get into that might seem to attract your attention. However, these sports are diverse in range and is more useful not all clinched up and distanced. Muay Thai is also a great combat sport that not only is effective distanced from your opponent, but also teaches techniques that require you to get inside range and feed off elbows and body shots. Boxing is a very great combat sport to learn more of how to get into range, deliver some inside liver shots and head strikes, as well as being able to learn techniques of ways to dodge your opponent in a swift and agile manner.

My suggestions chronologically listed in best preferred choices:

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  2. Boxing
  3. Muay Thai
  4. Judo
  5. Kickboxing

I know there're many more fighting sports that revolves around close combats, but these are the two (BJJ & Boxing) I find to be most effective in this category.

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@raw_material: Ooh thanks.

I was looking through some of the best martial arts and Krav Maga had high praise for close quarters and deadly strike techniques. Aikido was also considered a great grappling form. Are there any martial arts that have a ranking system that does not require you to compete in tournaments? Or is that pretty much compulsory for any style?

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I train for a lot of martial arts, but just for fun. I've probably done around 10-15 or so in the past 16-17 years just to get some bits and pieces of various ones and the ones I have extensively trained in are Greco-Roman wrestling, Tae Kwon do, Karate, and boxing. My favorite ones being Krav Maga, Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Aikido, kickboxing, and bare-knuckle boxing. I've ranked 2nd in my state for Tae Kwon Do before. And I normally train with friends or guys at a local gym that has an MMA ring up stairs, a friend's basement where we have workout gear and bags to hit, or my own since I have a small home gym that passes for things like boxing and general weightlifting.

My regular workout routine is more strength and size though for wrestling with my routine being

Day 1: Squat. Front Squat. Hamstring curl.

Day 2: Bench. Pause bench. Superset of dumbbell row with incline press/bench. Then a 2nd superset of pullups sometimes w/ weight and over-the-tops.

Day 3: Snatches. Power cleans. Front squats.

Day 4: Push press. Close grip bench. Then a super set of lying dumbbell extensions, D-cable backhand, and seated bicep curls. Then another super set of bradford press, reverse curl, and barbell shrug.

My routine is a six week weightlifting routine. Everything is usually 3-4 sets with mostly heavy weight depending on the exercise as this routine is meant to get heavier each week for the main exercises like the squat, bench, clean and snatch and even some of the supersets have one exercise in them that has an additional set and some of the rep ranges change each week.

Then I'll a day on the weekend to do plyometrics, jump rope, stretch and agility training. And at least one day on the weekend or get some after my main routine of the day to get some MMA practice in. I hardly ever do more than 3 days when it comes to fighting training, but I try and get at least 1-2 spars in every week or two make sure I don't get too rusty.

As for my favorite hold is probably the omoplata crossface, but I also favor the front guillotine sleeper, dragon sleeper, kimura, and fujiwara armbar. And my favorite strike is a right elbow to the temple of the skull. My friends think it is dirty, but meh, whatever. Bareknuckle boxing is probably my fave thing I do and I do allow people to use elbows in it so I take advantage of that. If not, I have a mean left hook and a nasty right cross.

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@god_spawn: Nice workout routine. Squats are key. But yea I feel you. Always gotta keep your game up to par and not get too rusty like you said.

Every day that you're sitting down, there's always someone else training that day, getting bigger and better at what you're trying to succeed at. That person(s) is trying to take what your trying to go after. It's your choice to get up and be the better man.

My favorite BJJ techniques are the omoplata and the sweep, gi cross choke from mount and other variations of it, anaconda choke from a north/south position, and guard passing. As for striking, I like the jab. It seems more effective sparring, as I use my left to get some distance and find my range. However, it seems to be very effective punches. I also like the right to the body. Love when your sparring partner lets out a "huuhh!" when your gloves hit his liver. Although, I love my punches, kicks are what I seem to take interest on and seems to be the most effective in my arsenal. Favorite combination is a straight left-outside leg kick and a straight left-right hook. This combo you're probably gonna have to dodge a straight jab after your hook, so slip right then come in with a straight left and right down the pipe.

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@raw_material: I agree, it's kicking my ass lol. But, yeah. I used to be more into fighting and every thing, but just for fun and studying as much as I can on different styles for me is more fun. But I do enjoy a good brawl every now and then and even get the urge to just cut loose on someone.

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@god_spawn: Yea same. I train up at this private moskova gym where they pretty much have everything you could imagine and not professionally trained. However some of my friends and peers have competed on a professional level in MMA, so I usually pick up techniques from them. The only training I get professionally is in BJJ, which is one of my favorite combat sports besides kickboxing. Did you get the chance to watch UFC 160?

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@raw_material: I did not. I've had a busy couple of days and I got home from the gym today and pretty much passed out for a few hours and it was like 10 when I woke up. So I basically missed the whole thing.

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Boxing for cardio, still a newb

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I lift donuts up to my mouth.

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I'm a black belt at Mortal Kombat

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@decoy_elite: you should read about the dangers of over training.

well i don't do MMA or anything like that..but im kinda a boxer now

so here is my arms workout


spider curls 4 sets


incline dumbell curls 3 sets


barbell curl or ez bar 3 sets


preacher curls 3 sets

12,drop set,failure


cable pushdown with bar 4 sets


seated tricep press 3 sets


low cable tricep extension 3 sets


lying dumbell tricep extension 3 sets



seated palms down barbell wrist curl 4 sets


standing palm up behind the back wrist curls 3 sets


reverse barbell curls 3 sets


for best results take 10 second breaks between sets no longer if possible

Before i workout i drink half a gallon of milk and chug half a dozen raw eggs

after i drink the other half gallon and the other 6 eggs

then 4 table spoons of peanut butter to top it off.

tell me what you think :)

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I started training in the art of Taekwon-do at the age of 9, by the time I was 14 years old I achieved my black belt 1st Dan, which was my goal at that time. I competed in several regional championships during this time, even winning a few, but soon began to grow tired of my chosen martial art (this is no offence to anyone else who practices Taekwon-do, I just wanted something new). And I began to look for a new place to train. I eventually found a kickboxing & MMA club and decided to join. I trained there for 2 years, and never competed during that time due to not really being interested in competing while I was there because I just wanted to train martial arts in general and get generally a lot fitter - push my limits in other words, and it helped when I went to train, along with the club, with national champions and European championship competitors.

Two years down the line, college began to get time consuming along with my part time job and I decided I couldn't attend any longer at my old training club at the specific training times (and also due to new people joining who I didn't generally get along with and were pushing a club to a different direction altogether which I didn't agree with), so while I finish my studies in college and apply for university I currently go to the gym with some of my friends (who were also in my previous club) and train to get stronger and fitter in general until I find a new place to train near my future university. That's pretty much it, I'm pretty open into trying a new martial art.

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I have 17 years of martial arts training. I have a master rank in Tae Kwon Do, a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (my wife is actually an instructor, and yes she can choke me out), 6 years of Muay Thai training (traditional Muay Thai has no belt system), training with the IDF in Krav Maga, and training US military SOCP. I also received training in pain management and nerve conditioning. I have two local level amateur MMA fights under my belt from my college days before I enlisted, and won both (TKO and decision).

I train on my own and with my wife, as my job is a little too busy to make it worth paying a gym money to train. I have a tree in my backyard that I wrapped rope around the trunk that I strike to keep my nerves on my fists, shins, etc numb to pain for striking. I also meditate and follow Bruce Lee's spiritual teachings, since it helps me decompress and center myself, and relieve stress. As for training physical training? Here's my average weekly workout:


1.5 Mile run - Avg time ~ 10 minutes

45 Pull-ups - broken into an 8/9/10/8/10 set

45 Chin-ups - broken into an 8/9/10/8/10 set

135 Push-ups - broken into 24/27/30/24/30

135 Sit-ups - broken into 24/27/30/24/30

30 Dips - broken into 6/6/6/6/6

I run before strength training, then superset every rotation which includes a round of all of the above, with the number above being the minimum (i.e. first set is 8 pullups, 8 chinups, 24 pushups, 24 situps, 6 dips). I then do a minute of "active rest" which is a front or side plank.


5k run: Avg time ~ 21-22 minutes

45 dumb-bell pushup flies - 8/9/10/8/10

100 workout ball jack-knives - 20/20/20/20/20

15 min jumprope -five sets of three minutes

75 leg presses at 300 lbs - 15/15/15/15/15

Run first, and superset everything as the day before. This is more tailored to lower body than upper.

I avoid a lot of weight training because we don't need size, we need speed and flexibility. You can be strong and not be big, I know plenty of guys who are incredibly strong and very, very lean.

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@granitesoldier: I wouldn't mind training with you, love your workout plan. Do you workout alone or with other people?

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Usually my wife. Like I said she has a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. We also do hand to hand combatives (SOCP) in my unit. But if the wife isn't feeling it I usually train alone. I've trained with a few people at the gym on base, but because of the UFC craze I feel many people want to just fight to fight, I train to better myself and strengthen myself physically and mentally. The sport itself is meaningless without honor, then it's just a brawl. Many here don't realize that, so I've stuck to training alone.

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Sleeping 8hrs a day..lol