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Who has better bars?


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Haven't heard anything from Tyler, the Creator, but I just wanted to say "Do or Die" by Childish Gambino and Flux Pavilion is amazing. It actually just came on my playlist when I saw this thread :D

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It's a really good mix of dubstep and rap IMO. The elements of the song really complement each other.

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In my honest opinion Tyler isn't really lyrical. Yes he does have some lines that are cool and what not but he just spews you know the most shocking thing he can. Well that was what he used to do back when he released "Bastard" now he sort of just a comedian in a way with the stuff he says. I mean WOLF was pretty damn good to me as far as production but the lyrics eh. Now Gambino I feel like he sort of is lackluster; but that's just me but in a way I do like alot of his lyrics. CAMP was a decent album. But with depth I feel like Tyler is better in that aspect.

I guess I'll go with Chidlish Gambino as far as lyricism but just in that category (Coming from an ex-odd future fanboy). I'm pretty vague with my examples and stuff but i'm just winging it bro lls.

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Tyler is complete trash

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Tyler is complete trash


Hopsin absolutely destroyed Tyler in ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 4 in a couple lines.

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Guess I'm the only one that doesn't really like Hopsin xD. I agree though that diss was pretty cool.

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Gambino, though I wasn't feeling royalty

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I like Gambino's one liners & flow but I think a lot of his lyrics are lacking sometimes. Camp was god-awful with the exception of "Bonfire". He seems to work better as a mixtape artist than when he attempts to tell a cohesive story with his LPs.

Tyler's more of a troll and he resorts to too many rap cliches (misogyny, violence, penis jokes) but the production on his tracks are always interesting and he just keeps getting better as a rapper. I liked Goblin a lot and thought that Wolf was even better.

(I'd easily put Earl above both if he can make Doris type albums from here on out).

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I could never get into Gambino. I'm a fan of the actor's work on Community, and he has good bars - but his flow and voice are just nauseating to me.

Tyler is slightly more tolerable because of his production, imo.

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gambino is better. i like his verses on f**ck that b***h