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So next week my parents and I will be vacationing at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. On the way there we will pass through Chicago and on one of the days next week we will visit the city for a full day since it's an hour and a half away. So I am asking all the resident Chicago Viners, recommend me comic shops, pizza joints and other cool places to see in Chicago, hopefully it won't be the last time Ill visit Chicago but I want to make the first one memorable.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd recommend going to Second City.

It's a theatre where live comedy skit-shows are put on. It's hilarious.

It's like Saturday Night Live; in fact It's where a lot of stars from SNL got their start.

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Navy pier, The Willis Tower(used to be Sears tower), Art museum if you're into art, Millennium Park which is right next to the Art Museum, and Buckingham Fountain or the magnificent mile. These are the places I'd suggest for one day. As for pizza, try Gino's east or Giordanos. For comics, try Graham Crackers Comics, but I've never been there before. How do I know this, I live here. Hope you have a great time.