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Have you ever wanted to see either a crossover or confrontation between two characters in which they proceed to kick the crap out of each other? I know I have.

Here are some battles I'd pay to see:

- Dante vs Bayonetta

- Alucard vs Jackie Estacado

- Mega Man vs Iron Man

There's more, but I don't wanna bore you with them.

Anyways, discuss.

P.S,: Inb4 someone says Goku vs Superman.

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Violator vs Dante

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To Death..

  • Batman vs The Joker
  • Dante vs Ghost Rider
  • Nightwing vs Deadpool
  • JLD Vs JLA
  • Bugs Bunny Vs TOAA
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Snake Eyes vs Grey Fox vs Shadow (FFVI) vs Zer0

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  • Hercules vs Thor
  • Thing vs Hulk
  • Superman vs Captain Marvel
  • Captain America vs Wolverine
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1. Silver Surfer vs Captain Atom 
2. Superboy Prime vs Mr. Majestic 
3. Toxic Avenger vs The Terminator 
4. Supergirl vs Wonder Woman
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Moon Knight vs Nightwing

Batman vs Deadpool

Aquaman vs Sentry

Deathstroke vs Taskmaster

Captain Marvel (DC) vs Thor

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Deadpool Vs Joffrey (game of thrones)

just so I could watch Deadpool butcher that little ass!

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ghostrider vs spawn vs the darkness/witchblade vs etrigan

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Lucifer vs. Michael. Hell yeah...

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Bayonetta vs Dante

Sailor Senshis vs Madoka Magica Mahou Shoujos(with standard Madoka)

Minako Arisato vs Cardcaptor Sakura

Athena(KOF) vs Ingrid(Street Fighter)

Kula Diamond vs Lili Rochefort

Travis Touchdown vs Juliet Starling

Daisy vs Peach

Samus vs Masterchief

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  • Superman vs Hulk
  • Batman vs Snake-Eyes
  • Kratos vs Nariko
  • Master Chief vs Samus(not Haloid)
  • Deathstroke vs Taskmaster
  • Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft
  • Spider-Man vs Nightwing
  • Batman vs Deadpool
  • Xena vs Wonder Woman
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Thundra vs Big Barda!

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She Hulk and Power Girl............

........preferably in something sticky.

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Swamp Thing Vs Ice Man

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Thanos and Darksied.

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Batman Vs Snake eyes

Deathstroke Vs Taskmaster

Super-man Vs Red Hulk

Deadshot Vs Bullseye

Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye

Lobo Vs Hulk

Doomsday Vs Juggernaut

Nightwing Vs Bucky Barnes

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  • Deathstroke vs Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
  • Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer
  • Damian Wayne vs Hit-Girl
  • ODST vs Gears
  • Batman vs Solid Snake
  • Wonder Woman vs Power Girl
  • Ash Ketchum vs Yugi Moto in a speech about friendship
  • Superman vs Batman morals on, battle to the death
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Nightwing vs Daredevil.


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Superman vs Goku

AoA Nightcrawler vs Spiderman

Lestat de Lioncourt vs Alucard

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Hyperion vs Count Nefaria.

That would be a PPV event I'd buy.

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100 Mongol infantry personel vs 100 Jannisary bodyguards

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Oh and Master Chief vs Movie Ironman

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@King Saturn said:

3. Toxic Avenger vs The Terminator

That is a freakin' AWESOME idea O_O

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Im gonna do users for this 
Purps VS Huntress would be a fight id love to see ;-)