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A couple weeks ago I did a blog on how change should be accepted and how it's not always a bad thing. I still prescribe to that notion, but I felt like I should do a second blog on the dark side of change. The primary example that comes to mind is DC`s New 52, a horrible attempt to revamp the DC universe by pressing the proverbial delete button on the vast, elaborate history of a fictional timeline. This is without a doubt the best example of the dark side of change. Now, before I get off on the bad stuff, let me first say that it's not ALL bad. I am VERY happy with how Nightwing, a character I hold dear, has been handled. As a matter of fact, the whole Batman family has been great. Also Swamp Thing and Animal Man, both horror titles, are unbelievably good. These are all I know of, so bear with me on my lack of knowledge on some books. So that was the good, let's move on to the bad. New 52 erased roughly 80 years of amazing stories and spat in the faces of us fans who have followed these characters for years. At the same time, since DC owns the characters, the extremely 90's characters of the Wildstorm universe are spilling into the pages of some icons like Superman. They took something amazing, changed it, and ruined it. Look at this crap, this is Heroes Reborn all over again, just DC...

Gah, it hurts my eyes!!! He's the man of steel, not the man who wears steel. Why is Aquaman a dudebro? Okay...ok, I'm picking on DC too much, I know, but they just fit the bad change so much I couldn't help but throw in some punches. Let's I like more than the DC stuff. I used the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as an example of good change last time, but I can use them for bad too. Michael Bay is still threatening to allow his spin on the franchise to become a film which means we would get Turtles from space...yep, not mutant turtles, aliens. *Facepalm.* Again, I'm ready to accept change but doing something stupid like that...why? The original is so well done, let's make some tweeks to change it to a new version but don't completely ruin what they are and have been for 20 years.

Why all this rant and ridiculous image posting? I'm angry. I gave in to change and felt good about it and then I read a DC book, that for the time being will remain nameless, I wanted to scream. I wanted to punch everything in sight and cry like a 5 year old girl who wet herself. I'm not even a huge DC fan, I just like Green Arrow and Nightwing, but guys, come on! Even I know better! I had to post the other side of things, to show anyone out there that yes, if handled right, like the current TMNT series, change can be amazing, but in the wrong hands, like Michael Bay or whoever at DC, your fears may be justified. Be open-minded, be ready for change, but always keep your guard up. Thanks for your time and patience with a babbling idiot.