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Poll: Cast Away vs Life of Pi (13 votes)

Wilson!!!!!! 46%
Richard Parker!!!!!!! 46%
Haven't seen either. 8%

Which was the better survival movie? Better overall movie? Which did you like best? Was Wilson the best supporting actor or was Richard Parker? Which situation would you have rather been in? Better Actor: Tom Hanks or Suraj Sharma?

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Life Of Pi

I absolutely adored that movie.

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I haven't seen Life of Pi, so Cast Away by default.

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Haven't seen either

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@supernategames: You should check them out, they're both pretty good movies.

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Life Of Pi

I absolutely adored that movie.

I watched that movie so many times, I dreamed my self as Pie but black and Richard Parker as a Lion lol.

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pi ate his family... just sayin

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@silkyballfro94: Don't know who's better in Tom Hal's Hanks and Suraj Sharma, but Irrfan is definitely better than both.

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I adore Tom Hanks, one of my favourite actors, but Life of Pi was an absolutely gorgeous and unforgettable film in my opinion.

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I got to go with Cast Away. The difference being that thought that boy from Life of Pi did a very good job carrying the movie, Tom Hanks still does it better.

I also love the ending to Cast Away, when he's literally standing on a dusty crossroads and he stands facing each direction until turning and facing towards where he just came from with the slightest little grin. And just from that little bit of tremendous acting from Hanks, he's filled in all the blanks. We know where he's going and what he's looking for. Just amazing.