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Okay I just want to have a rant, My car decied to break down , Just as I was on my way to see my GF, Now a whole day of hanging with her has come to a stop as I go round and see if I can get this piece of BEEP fixed, Im sure cars break down when you want them to work, I could not wait to see her then that tin can messes up, Now I will have to wait another day before I an put my arms round her as I run round today trying to get thsi stupid ass car fixed.

Rant over.

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my boyfriends car broke down the other day aswell. we was going to watch harry potter and the order of the phoenix and it just stopped lol.

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i love Asont Martins, sigh

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Damn Arrow, and on a Sunday to.

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hmm mine did my first day of my first job last year i was i saw 4 miles away from itbreaks down in the middle of a four way speed zone dont ya love that. luckly that day their was no one their so i put the car in neutral and pushed it to the other side of the road. and left her their till i got out of work

oh yeah had to walk to work good thing i had a phone so i called work and told them id be late they said dont be too late because it get me what ever u wanna call it something bad so i ran the rest of the 4 miles

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i love Hummer H/2

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This is an ancient thread, it must not be disturbed........................