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I can, but I seem to be alone on this XD

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I prefer to go with someone but if I really want to see a movie and can't find some else that wants to I have no problem going solo.

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Yes. There are a lot of movies (particularly indy movies) I want to see that no one else I know does.

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I already do.

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If I have to I would rather go to the movies with a bud.

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Only if it was a movie that couldn't be missed and no one wanted to go. Would it be weird or awkward being by yourself?

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I prefer to go with someone but if I really want to see a movie and can't find some else that wants to I have no problem going solo.

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If no one wants to see it, and I really want too. Then sure.

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Why not.

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Never saw a movie with any of my school friends. I usually go alone.

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No.I always kinda feel bored or lonely.

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if it is a movie i am dying to see and none of my friends want to go then yes.

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I had to see Man of Steel alone because my wife's said that we weren't going to pay a baby sitter so she could sit in a theater and listen to me geek out and/or bitch for 2 and a half hours.

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I've done it a couple times. One time was on 3 of my friends birthdays. I didn't know which party to go to and I felt like I was being pulled by each one of my limbs on the daily. I decided to watch Savages by myself.

Solid movie.

( + )

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Depends on what it is. I saw Breaking Dawn: Part 2 alone. I wore a trench coat and Darth Vader mask, sat in the back and prayed nobody looked at me.

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Can but prefer not to.

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I haven't but I see no problem with it. Most of my friends love going to the theater anyways so I rarely have a problem finding someone to go.

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It's what I prefer. Middle of the week and the latest showing possible to get the most minimal amount of people in the theatre with me. Utter heaven.

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Like I have a choice. :foreveralone:

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@hbktimhbk: Sure I can, but I have a hubby for a reason. :3

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yea not at night though. If I got the day free

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If i want to see a movie i'll go. If someone wants to tag along it's fine. I go alone plenty of times :)

I mean, when you think about it. You're watching the movie anyway ... Why do you need someone to sit with you that you won't even talk to during the movie. Unless it's a date but i can think of more fun things to do than going to a movie theater..