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The omnintrix can absorb aliens right? So i was wondering if he had the chance could he take Supes DNA and put it into the omnintrix and use superman? I know little about Ben so i don't know if he has limits to what he can turn into. And if he can do that can he turn into other aliens like Goku or something?

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Technically it could happen since the Omnitrix can copy alien D.N.A it should be able to become any type of alien species as far as power goes it can vary. Remember Ben has trouble trying to figure out what each alien does he wont be as powerful as Superman though, due to how long Superman has been training and using his powers also the about of yellow solar energy Superman has absorbed over the years, the same can be said of Goku's race he can copy the D.N.A but ben lacks the combat experience and the training that Goku has so he wont be as powerful.

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Ms. Omega explained it very well


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I say yes. Ben 10 is on Cartoon Network. And CN is distributed by Warner Bros. And WB owns DC. So if Ben turn to a superman types character, it would be all types a levels of cool.

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Well, Ben just got a heck alot more powerful,

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Ben can turn into any alien from anywhere in any universe, Whether it be Kryptonian, saiyan, or otherwise.

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Well... I wonder what would happen if he absorbed a New God from Apokolips.

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only aliens Ben can absorb? as for Goku and Superman , yes Ben can do it .

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That'd be cool.

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Yes, he would incorporate A Kryptonian DNA sample into the Omnitrix.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

That'd be cool.

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Well that'd be interesting to see.

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Ultimate Superman! whooo hoooo hooo i just got tingles

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@LordMaverick: Where exactly would a Kryptonian have to go on the evolutionary ladder?

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@joshmightbe: Well since they are not omnipotent, i beliveve they have a long way to go up

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@LordMaverick: I don't think a species actually can evolve into omnipotence but I could be wrong.

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@joshmightbe: I could name many that are close or extremely higher up than kryptonians, ie. new gods