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For those of you who are basketball fans you may have seen a great rendition of the national anthem last night during the Game 3 of the NBA finals. The kid sang it well he was great and I remember him wearing a marachi suit and thought it was awesome it goes with San Antonio Texas with all he cowboy stuff they usally have. Well apparently the social media world thought otherwise. Many people took to social media making comments about how they could let an illegal immigrant sing the national anthem. There are alot worse comments made some you read on this CNN article


Now what gets me mad is that people assume too much in this world and the fact that people have access to social media makes it worse. People don't take the time to think before they speak. If your a fan of America's got talent you would have known about this kid. He was BORN and RAISED in San Antonio. Last time I checked that doesn't make you illegal. I know most people don't watch Americas got talent and so most people don't know that the marachi suit is the kids thinkg...that's what he wears but that doesn't justify people tossing around the word illegal to a person just because what they are wearing GET THE FACTS before you say anything. It makes me mad being Latino that people will just assume that becuase of a certain way you dress your consider an illegal immigrant. I know there's a heated debate about immigration right but the fact that this kid was asked to sing at one of the biggest sporting events and for him to gt such negative underserve criticism is just unthinkable that people can be so clueless.

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People are stupid, and uncivilised.

This whole thing doesn't surprise me, it shouldn't surprise anyone.

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People are terrible.

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some people make me sick

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DGAF, what's with all these topics about racism. GTF OVER IT.

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There are a lot of sh*tty, ignorant people in the world but you can't let them get to you.

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BREAKING NEWS: This just in... Theres dumb racist people on the Internets.

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People are stupid, and uncivilised.

This whole thing doesn't surprise me, it shouldn't surprise anyone.

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I hope they drink bleach.

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BREAKING NEWS: This just in... Theres dumb racist people on the Internets.

You should know, Taco. The atrocities you've committed against your neighbours, the Burritos, is sickening.

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Look at all the hate. Its like all you can eat!!!!!!!

I hope they drink bleach.

I think most of the people who commented know that the guy is legally here- they were just looking to troll. And by getting mad, your just feeding them. Although personally, I thought the performance stank- from a musical perspective, but then again I've never liked national anthems. Personally, I think God save the Queen should be changed to the Queen is dead by the smiths :P

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I'm from Texas, the majority of San Antonio is Hispanic. Just because he's brown doesn't mean he's illegal. Also he's a kid, c'mon man.

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What else is new?

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mark twain said it best 'the more I know about people, the more I like my dog'

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@umbrafeline said:

mark twain said it best 'the more I know about people, the more I like my dog'


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Some people are just assholes no matter what you do or how hard you try there will always be someone out in the world like that.

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I find it ironic that USA, a land created by people that fleet from Europe because they couldn't be free, now has parts of a population that has hatred towards religious groups (and most of all atheists), different "races"/skin colour, different politics (especially socialism) and is against people moving to the USA. I guess that the melting pot got to spicy with the mexican flavour.

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Yep, there will always be racism.

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Ignorant and stupid people are going to be ignorant and stupid people...It's as simple as that.

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Its not really racism.....but yeah, still terrible.

It largely has to to do with the US and our obscene Nationalist pride.

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"For those that said something bad about me, I understand it's your opinion," said Sebastien to CNN. "I'm a proud American and live in a free country. It's not hurting me. It's just your opinion."

Good boy. :)

I do have to say, there wasn't a horrific amount of racist comments, just a few idiots. There is far more people who are denouncing them and while this is worthy of reporting, it does give off the impression that Americans are comprised of bigots and I don't necessarily think that's true. The article does go on to say that the tweets were screen shot and placed on a Tumblr shame page and that most of the morons cancelled their accounts in response.

I think more noise should be placed on the backlash rather than the offenders themselves.

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Why does inevitable bigotry continue to make the news? There are always ignorant a-hole out there, we shouldn't be giving them any attention. Now this kid is going to be known as "the kid who people said racist stuff about," instead of "the kid who sang the national anthem that one time." That's worse than the bigotry being spewed, IMO. It's best to just ignore the morons, not to give them a platform to spread what they're saying to a bigger audience. If the kid is going to make the news, they should focus on his performance, not the stupid comments some bigot made.

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Racism is pretty funny, don't agree? Watch any comedy or comedian