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this is a new topic where each week i say the 5 at the box office and how much they made and total Gross. W means Weekend and G means Gross

1.Iron Man: W-$51.2M G-$178M

2.What happens in Vegas: W-$20.2M G-$20.2M

3.Speed Racer: W-$18.6 G-$18.6

4.Made of Honer: W-$8.12M G-$26.8M

5.Baby Mama: W-$6.23M G-$40.8M

Stay Tune Next Week and we will see How Prince Caspion does in the box office and will see if it can beat Iron Man.

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Well. It doesnt surprise me Iron Man is number one. Its the best movie out right now and it still has mass appeal since its only been out for a few weeks.