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Been getting ready for Bioshock: Infinite's release either next month (on my birthday, no less) or March (damn you computer glitches!) So, originally I thought the only enemies would be the literal Tanks, the Handymen, the random non-spliced people with guns and Songbird, aka MechaBirdZilla (called that by me).

Then I find out about the freaky Hellraisers the Motorized Patriots, Sirens, Firemen, Boys of Silence. And I realize...Holy Hell, this is intense. The videos of gameplay are all over the place, but since when was running at full speed while aiming a jumping ballistics weapon while taking hits from enemies charging at you like rutting elephants ever a clean playing system?

And more info about Handymen came out; some say they're proud to be cyborgs, others hint at an inability of control, much like Subject Omega in Bioshock 2. There's evidence of some, if not most, having procedures done in a desperate move to survive crippling diseases, afflictions and injuries. So, they're less than Brutes in terms of being b*****ds, but more sympathetic like screaming Big Daddies attacking you in a blind rage.

Then I read something shocking...at one point, maybe they're still able to do this....but Handymen cry. Like really cry, not hooting, as I call it. Now I'm shocked over that; I have yet to encounter an enemy with tears, or even know that there was going to BE an enemy with tears.

Oh man, I feel bad about them. And I don't know their story yet.

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This game is gonna be soooooooo awesome.

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I wouldn't be surprised if something like this happened at this point.