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Anyone? I just randomly thought of it...or well not randomly, someone brought up legos and it kinda went from there. But anyone remember? Who was your fav? Mine has to be...

Kopaka! Awesome!

Though I don't remember much of Bionicle....what I do remember is that they were awesome.

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Oh man. I loved Bionicle as a kid. I remember getting so many of them. Even played one of the games and read one or two of the books.

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I remember Bionicle.

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I remember! Never watched the movies but read a bunch of the books. Vakama was hands down my favorite. Best Toa ever.

Edit: And of course actually playing with the sets was awesome.

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O ya lol the video game for Cube was really fun. I'm gonna go look for it now lol.

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@wolfrazer: They were decent, from what I remember. It's been ages since I've read them, though.

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This brings back so many memories!

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Hmm I never got into it.

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i remember going to a friends house and his older brother really liked them. he had a couple of them. then i remembered they're expensive as hell and then blocked them from memory until now. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there they go again.

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Oh my goodness, the wiki. So many memories. I'm about to relive some childhood.

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I feel so happy now bringing back memories n all for everyone who remembers. XD

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I loved Bionicle. My favorite were the Piraka, I loved their spiky spine and large teeth. I owned some Bionicle games too.

Bionicle is a lot better than that new Hero Factory rip-off.


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Now I am wondering just how well they would do in battles...

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Oh man, Bionicle. I remember being semi-interested in it for all of two or so weeks, and then getting bored.

What can I say? I had a short attention span.

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Dude I just randomly thought about that last week but I couldn't remember the name

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Oh man, these were some of my favorite childhood toys growing up. I had some of the original Toa, and almost had the complete Toa Nuva set, and some others here and there. I stopped right around the time they brought in the Hordika because the designs started getting weird(er) from then on. But yeah, I still have a red Rahkshi and a blue Visorak I got as a gift.

Just the other day I was walking past the toy department and I saw Bionicle's successor on the shelf. The toys are now packed in plastic bags that give them the appearance of bags of chips. Makes me think back to the awesome containers that the Bionicle toys had, where the kits could be fitted right back in.

Ah, memory lane.

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I agree about Toa Metru being on top. Vakama was my absolute favorite after I read a book where he kicked as* and took names alone.

Piraka was right before the water stuff (which was lame, agreed), and the Toa of that time period were my second favorite - Inika.

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@mitran: metru? Vakama is awesome he was the red one with the disc shooter that made they mask of time, correct? I liked he second to Lhikan. Lhikan was just so awesome, he had the best weapon (flying surfboard swords).

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Who indeed.

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Favourite Toa Tahu.

Favouirte villain Makuta

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@allstarsuperman: Yep, that's the one. There were some great stories about him. So did Lhikan, and surfboarding swords is about as cool as you can get.

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@mitran: yeah, the comics were actually published by DC. I read almost all of them. But my brother threw them out. That pissed me off! Lol

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@allstarsuperman: D: I would absolutely hate if that happened to me. I read mostly books from the library and borrowed from a friend. Loved that series. I didn't know DC published the comics, though. That's really cool.

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@mitran: were they in trade? I read the ones that came with the monthly Lego catalog. As I had the all in issues.

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@allstarsuperman: I think so. I mean, I only read the novels, but I remember seeing the comics in separate volumes, and on comixology, there are eight volumes of about 90 pages each, but vol. 5 is missing.

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Hmm...didn't know the comics were on comixology...may have to go check em out sometime.

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Loved it, the first two versions anyway. Think Gali was one of the first I had and a few Bohrok.