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When Meryl went out like a boss.

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Season 2 finale springs to mind as one of them.

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Rick finding Morgan completely broken after losing Duane and realizing that there's no escaping it all.

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When Rick climbs into the tank and hears Glenn on the radio.

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Glenn cruising down the empty highway in his awesome but shortlived sportscar.

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When Andrea put down her sister, Amy. Most realistic moment in the entirety of the whole show. The camera angles were perfect and the directing and dialogue was smexy.

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In the first season in the pilot where Rick goes into the city on horseback.And its all just desolate.Very good way of setting the scene.

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Has to be the Series finale scene when Carl puts down Zombie Rick.

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Andrea putting down her sister.

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@strafe_prower: You really like her, huh? I figured you'd go for T-Dog's death but I guess even on Comic Vine he's forgotten. :(

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I actually don't like how T-Dog died and no one seemed to care because of Lori. I understand her sacrifice and everything, but I haven't liked her since early in the show. I was kind of glad to see her gone.

With that being said, I do miss T-Dog :/

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@strafe_prower: Me too, she was awful. I disliked her character immensely.

Poor T-Dog, died in prison but he went out a hero. :\

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Agreed on both!

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One of my favorite moments is when Dale would get that look in his eyes

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My favorite scene is from Season 1:

I always like the scene where Dale and the group was resting and Shane asked Dale what's with the watch and why is he tuning up the watch regularly, never letting it stopped at any point. Dale explained it made him feel like he's still part of a civilization. He can look at the "time" and know what he'd be doing if there's never an apocalypse. Very profound. I was really touched by that scene. And it gave a glimpse into what our schedule would be like in a zombie apocalypse.

Ahhh, I miss Daryl. Even though I was never on his side.

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For some reason, I really like the entire end of Episode 5 of season 1, when the doors to the CDC open.

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Death of Dale.

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I only read like 15 eps of the comic, but I always loved the scene in the first issue when he goes back to finish off the paralyzed zombie outside the hospital.

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Well there are a couple of moments that were really awesome:

  • Merle going out like a boss
  • Rick finding Morgan and learning what he has been through
  • Shane vs. Rick
  • Season 1 finale
  • Season 2 finale