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Didn't see Spider-man but Lizard couldn't have been more menacing than Bane. Loki is a Power Ranger.

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Lizard. I thought his character was the best. Bane was just a simple thug and Loki is still mad over some perceived bias. Connors had depth.

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The Lizard in the Amazing Spider-Man was disappointing. They didn't stay true to the character and the voice was kind of silly at times, CGI was meh, too. Dock Ock was more tragic and innocent than him in SM2. This Lizard was copying the Green Goblin "talking to yourself, conflicted, but still kinda evil". You never really felt bad for him. They actually cut the roles of his wife and kid from the movie (they had filmed scenes with them I believe). Why? I can only wonder.

I voted for Bane. Loki is a close second, just cause Hiddleson owns the role.

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I think Loki had the best performance as far as playing the characters go. Tom Hiddleston was just straight up awesome. Not to take away from Tom Hardy as Bane and whoever the guy was who played Connors.

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Bane blows all the competition out of the water.

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Bane hands down.

The one problem I had with The Avengers (and every other Whedon project for that matter) is that you never felt that the team was in danger. Loki was an awesome character, and Hiddleston was straight-up fantastic, but at no point was I like "Damn, Loki just might win this." With Bane, the dude beat the living hell out of Batman in the first act, and took over Gotham for almost the entire movie. That's a dangerous, menacing dude. Lizard was pretty meh. His main plan was pretty dumb, and he wasn't nearly as sympathetic as he was in the comics.

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None to be honest.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

None to be honest.

Out of curiosity, who would be?

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@CaioTrubat: In general ?

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@Crom-Cruach said:

Bane blows all the competition out of the water.

This,Loki was leagues better in Thor.In Avengers he was just a punching bag.

People are being too hard on Lizard,what were they expecting from a CGI reptile?

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In terms of a fight scene, I would actually have to give the Lizard some credit but other than that it's Bane & Loki

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Nicolas Cage... Nyahahaha!

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Had to go with Bane.

His performance was perfect.Overall he was a new villain something different from Joker he was exactly what he needed to be.

Loki was great but Bane came over as more interesting,was more excited to see Bane.

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I would take Loki over Bane... 
I have said multiple times Bane does not look menacing to me at all... he sort of look weak to me... because the guy playing the character was like 6'1'' or so... not really a massive guy his voice was pretty cool... but I look at Bane and feel no fear from his appearance nor his overall performance... the thing about Loki is... even though he does not look menacing at all either... the character has some pretty cool powers and he had to fight tougher opposition in The Avengers... even though they did mollywhoop his ass at the end ( The Hulk smashing )