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Yes I know this is the site to find out about all things comic-related. But the event is HUGE and they can't be everywhere at once. Going online for comic news is like an endless buffet right now but there some things I'm having a hard time finding such as:

The crowd reaction to Neil Gaiman writing a new Sandman story. I loved reading the online reaction, I want to find out if the news set off an earthquake and whether a few ear drums burst.

Doctor Who. One of my new obsessions and all I can find are pictures of them acting goofy. I want actual story information about the new companion.

A transcript of the Bleeding Cool vs Comic Alliance vs The Beat vs Comic Book Resources. It sounds a interesting discussion about comic news reporting and there is the wishful thinking that a fist fight might break out.

Trolling through Twitter is a very good bet but it would take hours to comb through the number of Tweets. Any suggestions? And I am checking this site regularly.