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I don't mean to offend by calling it cheating, I simply can not think of a better term. Anyway's if you could pick one of the various aids in hand to hand combat;

Spider Sense

Midnighter's battle computer

Cassandra's body reading

Mister X's mind reading thing

or anything else

Which one is the absolute best or perhaps most versatile that you would choose? Oh and it's not limited to the above choices it can be aby sort of power/ability that lets one basically cheat in a hand to hand fight.

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Midnighter's battle computer

Fantomex's misdirection/EVE

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Nemesis Kid & his whole power ability is one huge No, No imo :)

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Batman's 127 martial arts.

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Me personally, My best H2H feat was sucker punching. lol

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Thor strength.

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Healing factor.

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Ororo Munroe's best at lockpicking

Storm forever!

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Battle Computer is the best out of those listed.

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Domino's probability powers are pretty tricky.

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Battle Computer