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I finally watched X-Men First Class last night, and that got me thinking about what the best comic book movies were this summer. Out of the five that I can think of (Green Lantern, X-Men First Class, Captain America The First Avenger, Thor, and Cowboys & Aliens), I have seen three (X-Men, Cap, and Thor). Out of those three, I'd say X-Men is the best. I think First Class is just as good as the first two X-Men films (both of which I think are fantastic). I've always loved the relationship that Xavier and Magneto have. They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies all at the same time. First Class really showcases that through the story of how the two first meet in the film universe. Oh and I loved Wolverine's cameo in this film (and the fact that this is the first X-Men film that isn't primarily about Wolverine, as much as I do love that character).

Thor is the second best comic book film. It is a great epic film. I think Kenneth Branagh was a great choice for director, though definitely an unexpected one I think. I love his previous Shakespeare films. His adaptations of Hamlet and Henry V are two of the best Shakespeare films I have ever seen. He did another great job in Thor, from showing the vastness of Asgard to showing the very complex, and very human, relationships that the gods of Asgard have.

Then there is Captain America: The First Avenger. Gotta be honest, I've never been a huge fan of Cap. I like him with the Avengers as I think he provides a very important dynamic for the team, but his solo adventures have never been that interesting to me. They have always seemed kind of corny to me, and this movie is no different. I thought it was really well made and very faithful to the comics. There were parts I liked, as the action scenes were engaging and there some very comedic moments throughout the film. But overall, I still found it a bit too corny for my taste.

I am hoping to see both Cowboys & Aliens and Green Lantern (despite the bad reviews of the latter) sometime soon. Perhaps I'll update this blog to see where each of them fit in after I do see them. In the meantime, how would you guys rank the comic book films that came out this year?

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In my opinion its a tie between Cap and X-Men

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Same here.
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I don't think Green Lantern was nearly as bad as people say, that being said it still wasn't a very good movie. My vote for best comic movie this year would probably be Captain America but I haven't seen Cowboys vs Aliens

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@DeadpoolvIronFist said:

In my opinion its a tie between Cap and X-Men

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@joshmightbe: Yeah, I'm hoping that it's not as bad as people say. I've always liked Green Lantern and had been really looking forward to that movie. Hopefully they can fix whatever went wrong with the first one in the sequel.

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i think X-men First Class was the best superhero movie of the summer.

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I would say that Captain America was the best.

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Honestly, I left the theater more satisfied after X-Men than the others.
Though for me, the best movie this summer was Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Amazing film.

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Captain America, followed by X-Men. I wasn't too fond of this year's batch of superhero films. CA was the only one that really entertained me. X-Men was just above average, IMO, redeemed by a few good performances. Thor and Green Lantern were horrible.

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I liked them all except for Green Lantern, I really wished GL would have been better!

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I still haven't seen Cap, but Thor was good. Close behind would come X-Men and then Green Lantern, which wasn't terrible but could've been better. :3

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1. Captain America 
2. Thor 
3. Green Lantern 
4. X men First Class  
i know i'm gonna get A LOT of hate for placing GL above X men but honestly, i didn't care or x men at all, the only thing i liked about it was Michael Fassbender's Magneto, HE was amazing 

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1. Thor 
2. Green Lantern 
3. Captain America 
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I included a few more comic-related movies:

1. X-Men: First Class

2. Green Hornet

3. Captain America (tie)

3. Green Lantern (tie)

3. Priest (tie)

4. Cowboys and Aliens

5. Thor

6. Conan

7. Transformers 3

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@Owie: Oh yeah, forgot about all those others. So far, the only one of those that you added that I've seen was Transformers 3, and I'd agree it would be the worst on my list as well. Though I was surprised in that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

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I'd say:

1. X-Men First Class

2. Captain America

3. Thor

4. Green Lantern.

I haven't seen Cowboys and Aliens yet.

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Captain America was okay... haven't seen any of the others.

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1 Captain America 
2 Tie between X-men: First Class + Thor 
3 Cowboys & Aliens 

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@spidermonkey2099 said:

@Owie: Oh yeah, forgot about all those others. So far, the only one of those that you added that I've seen was Transformers 3, and I'd agree it would be the worst on my list as well. Though I was surprised in that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Yeah, I pretty much hated the heck out of it (T3), which I knew I would. But some friends of mine and I wanted to see every comic-related movie just to compare and contrast, so we had to see it.

Green Hornet and Priest were pretty good though. Green Hornet was a different style than most comic movies, but Priest was visually very comic-booky--very stylized in its framing.

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I felt about even for First Class, Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern. Personally they each had their pro's and cons.

Didn't watch Cowboys & Aliens (didn't read the comic either) nor Conan, Green Hornet bored me.

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I only saw X-Men, Thor, Cap and GL.

-X-Men was one of my favorite movies of the Summer. I went to go see it to watch Magneto kick ass and left very pleased. And that Wolverine cameo was worth the $10 alone.

-Cap was awesome. Of all the Marvel Studios movies, this was the best one followed by Iron Man. Can't wait for the sequel.

-Thor was good. I loved the movie when I first saw it, but after watching Cap this movie felt like it could've been better. It was still really good though.

-GL was... Ok, I'm not an avid GL reader, but even I know they f*cked up. And I know the original script was awesome. There you had a Superman cameo, more Oa, an Alan Scott and Guy Gardner appearance, etc. What this movie was and what it could have been are two entirely different things. Hopefully they do better next time.

So in a nutshell, X-Men was the best followed by Cap and Thor. None of them were better than Apes though :)

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I say Captain America takes the cake. X-Men comes in at a close second. Green Lantern after that and then Thor. I didn't see the Cowboys and Aliens because it looked stupid.

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I really liked Thor - I don't much care for him but that movie was really engaging and let me understand how a Norse god could work in the Marvel Universe.

So I guess it goes:

1. Thor

2. Cap

3. Lantern (I knew it was loose beforehand so I shut off my comic nerd side pretty well for it)

4. First Class (Exact opposite of above)

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1st:  Thor 
2nd:  Captain America 
3rd: Cowboys and Aliens 
4th: GL (not a fan of the way they did Hal or this movie)
5th: X-Men:FC (not a fan of any of it)
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Captain America, X-Men First Class, Thor. So says Mint Berry Crunch.