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Just looking for some good games or apps for my phone. They can be free or pay.

1) What are some apps that really help you?

2) What are some games that you just can't put down?

I have a Droid, a IPhone and a Kindle Fire.

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Well, you could probably play Angry Birds on one of those phones.

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@pooty: A really good game that found is Block Fortress. Its a Minecraft style TDF game, i really love it

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I'm actually a bit interested in this too, I need more games to keep me busy while I'm on the bus, because..well, I don't want to look at the people who are on the bus.

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Angry Birds Star Wars version it combines my love for Birds and a tag movie of mines. Also NFL Pro 2013 it's tr best NFL game in the market IMO

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Jet Car Stunts

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Modern Combat 4

A Year of Riddles
(Just to name a few)

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I quite like Strikefleet Omega for the Android. Fun game.

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dead city

an awesome zombie game for the android