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@g_man is Ben Reilly coming back in Scarlet Spider?!!

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probably not.

In fact,it may just be a flashback,or clone or imposter or something like that....

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Its probably just another Jackal clone as Miles is running around again now.

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Ben Reilly vs Kaine.

This must happen.

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I've learned to not get to excited when it comes to the possibility of Ben coming back....Slott loves to drop hints that most interpret as signs of his return only for them to go in a completely different direction

that being said Ben coming back in my eyes would be the beginning of Ock's downfall....there's no way that if Ben returns he wouldn't immediately go and seek out his "brother" and he over almost everyone else would realize that he is not Peter and unless Ock just straight out killed him he would do everything in his power to out Ock and try to get Peter back

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Gullible isn't in the dictionary.

Go look it up, I'm telling the truth.

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What issue is this.

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@thespideyguy: @frogdog: Issue 20 Cover of Scarlet Spider

My guess is that it has to do with the whole broken time stream from Age of Ultron Issue 10, which would explain the 2099 Spidey Arrival