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The two most horrible human beings in America this summer, easily (and possibly the bath salts guy).

And let's make this interesting - you get the help of your favorite comic character.

I use Fantomex, my favorite character. He uses his misdirection to put each Criminal in the point of view of their EACH of their victims, feeling the pain of each person they've hurt - while I beat them up

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I say strip the skin off their fingers and let the exposed flesh fester until they beg to cut their fingers off. And if they bite their own fingers off we he flays another as punishment.

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The spectre,he'll come up with a very creative and ironic way to kill them.

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There is nothing you can imagine that will be worse than what Sandusky has done to him once he is behind bars and no longer protected by Penn State and it's influence over the entire area.

Molester + Prison = Unimaginable horrors