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WTF Hollywood.........   

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hot dog..... Battleship  !
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I love the pin reference they made. It happens at around...1:56-ish. 
But seriously, this looks soooooooooo awesome. I totally think that it's gonna blow the Smurfs out of the water as far as "movies that totally RAWK" go. 
I am joking.

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Not really feeling it

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 if nautical nonsense be something you wish....
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A lot of alien stories these days seem revolve around their need for our water. I'm guessing Battleship 2012 is about them wanting all our oceans and rivers and the humans need to protect our resources.
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LOLOLOLOLOL  Movie looks awful, but I'm gonna see it. XD
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@riri4life: Your av works perfectly with the first part of that post LOL
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HAHA.....IKR! ;P
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Eh. Will wait for it to stream on Netflix.

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Liam Neeson would be the factor that'd make me want to go see it though. 

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was not expecting a Transformer to pop out of nowhere...

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Nice to know that people would more like to watch a movie inspired by a board game than watch a movie that is based on such universes like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Halo, and assassins creed