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They are by far three of my favourite characters in American TV shows, if Dexter were to battle against the two meth cooks would he succeed in eliminating them both assuming that Dexter already knows the identities of Walt & Jesse and that the duo are aware of who he is as well?

My opinion:

Although Dex and Walt are both extremely intelligent, Walt has less experience in finding and killing a target which Dex by far has an abundance of and that's what gives him his advantage. Dex is also better at preps and is more intelligent than Walt in many ways (except for chemistry of course), ultimately I think that Dex would approach and eliminate Heisenberg before he could see it coming.

As for Jesse Pinkman, seeing how he's less intelligent, less thoughtful, less prepared, less prudent, less precautious, more reckless and overall an inferior to Walt, there's no way that he could out smart Dexter, Dex would eat him for breakfast. He'd of course stand a better chance if he remains obedient to Walt but ultimately, I still reckon that Dexter would end up killing the both of them.

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Dexter kills Walt.

Heisenberg murders Dexter.

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Why people keep making this outside of the battle forum?

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Dex is a lucky fool. Walt wins, he is lucky too, but also highly intelligent. Since Walt knows who Dex is, Cody just ends up getting poisoned, then Walt puts a bomb in the hospital room Cody is in, BOOM. Or he sends the Neo Nazi gang to his house to shred Dexter up.

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Wow. Too close to call. GREAT battle.

You should make this into a poll!

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If Heisenberg knows Dexter is coming. . .Dexter dies, gets stuffed into a plastic barrel, and becomes a Dexter-Slushie.

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Walt slips ricin into Dexter's breakfast

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Dexter kills Walt.

Heisenberg murders Dexter.

This is pretty much how I see it. Not sure how Jesse fits into the picture aside from being the go-getter. Walter gives him a grocery list of things to buy. Dexter easily finds and kills Jesse. Walter flips out and goes full Heisenberg on Dexter.

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Hal Wilkerson!!!!

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Dexter stomps with ease for one in my personal opinion the Dexter show craps all over breaking bad and other such motives for my decision is Dexter is ultra intelligent, he has medical degrees he is a black belt in advanced Jiu Jitsu he took down james doakes while hancuffed and wounded in the second series and the fact walt and jesse need to work in a group shows a potential weakness as Dexter works alone and single handidly kills people who are followed by security and he takes people on who are highly intelligent he is also quite cunning and the fact he has police resources available at hand makes this a stomp now add in his brother Biney that is an uber stomp

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The danger wins

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Dexter wins and easily remember Dexter deals with dangerous scum all the time walt has no answer to Dexter while Dexter knows how to lure people out and he happens to have brilliant judgement throw in martial arts ability high intelligence as doakes says in you could have been a doctor or a surgeon yet you are working as a blood spatter analyst,also the fact that Dexter generally knows alot about people in this field and has faced more dangerous threats across the board Yep Dexter stomps but you breaking bad fanboys just don't realise it.