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This is a new thing I'm trying with my blog. Once or twice a week, I'll post a rant on something or other that kind of gets on my nerves. Whether you consider it good reading or not, it's more or less venting for me. Today I'm going with the movie The Dark Knight Rises. While this movie may be one of my favorites of all time, there are certain things that just didn't feel right about it. First up, ---Bane's Death--- This never felt right to me, and is my biggest problem with the movie. Bane was the main villain for most of the movie. We were made to feel intimidated by him, to fear his strength and intelligence. Even his voice oozed intimidation. He absolutely destroyed Batman the first time (and it could be argued he would have the second fight, if not for his mask) they fought. We were made to FEAR him. And what death did this excellent villain deserve? A worthy fight with The Batman? Dying for his cause? An impossible redemption? Nope. Catwoman rolls in and blows him away in half a second. We are instantly forced to accept that Bane is dead, and Talia is now the focus. WHAT? I'm sorry, but the transition between Bane and Talia could have been handeled so much better. --- The Giant Flaming Bat Symbol --- This should be pretty well known. Batman has a deadline to stop a nuke, and he spends it spreading kerosene on a bridge to make a giant flaming bat? I understand he did it to send a message, but still, it didn't make sense. Cool, I admit. --- No Batmobile? --- I understand that "The Bat" replaced it as a more convinient means of travel for Bruce, but where did it go? It's not shown once in the film, to my knowledge. And why didn't Batman ever use the canon attached to the top? Think Bruce, think. --- The Joker --- Nolan left out mentions of The Joker to respect the death of Ledger. I don't mean to sound crude, but was it needed? I would think a mention somewhere of the character would respect Ledger's role even MORE. And, again, it just doesn't make sense. The Joker puts Gotham through all this, and nobody mentions him once? It was a tad disappointing. --- BATARANGS --- Batman's signature gadget, and we only see a variant of them? They weren't even used once in The Dark Knight! Again, a little disappointing. ----- Well that about does it. I'm sure I could think of more, but frankly I'm a little tired of writing. Feel free to comment any issues YOU had with the movie, or if I made any mistakes. Feedback is appreciated! - ImTheDamnBatman

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My IQ dropped 20 points after reading this trash.

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Please use spacing to make paragraphs. Its really awkward to read a wall of text.

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@InnerVenom123 I can't from my Ipod for some reason, otherwise I would. Trust me, it's incredibly frustrating to me too, trying to make detailed posts when it's all jumbled together. I work with what I've got.

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It's got to be realistic. People don't die in an epic way in real life.


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