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And now that Deadpool The Game review is done,as promised to Sami,I shall tell you the bad news.

Perhaps it isn't bad to some of you,but it's awful for me.I will have to leave the site.Why?Well,because I must dedicate 100% to school if I want to realize my dream of becoming an engineer and because I kinda screwed it up in the first semester.

Remembering all the good moments I had here is hard,because they were many and hey push me back to stay here more,but life is calling and I must move on.

I would like to thank some users for being such good friends,but I realize the whole site is a huge family in where everyone is friend to everyone,so,whoever is reading this,thanks for being that wonderful person that you are =D

Leaving is no easy task,as I really love here,so I'll leave my contacts here:Facebook - Lucca Bali;Xbox Live:DemolirionGuy;PSN:Demolirion(I don't use it though);e-mail:lbali2010@hotmail.com/I will also stay this last week(until Friday) online so I can say goodbye to most of you,guys.And I would love to say "I'm sorry" for acting,sometimes,as a complete fool.

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I'll be honest here, I am a bit hurt that you're leaving since you're one of my very good friends here but I'm not so surprised about hearing this since you haven't been that active lately due to your studies. Even before and after Christmas I believe you were gone for a few weeks at a time due to studies.

It is nice to see someone your age so dedicated to the future since knowledge is power. I'm sure you'll go far in life but I do hope that you'll visit on here from time to time. Luckily I do have your email that you gave me months ago so we can keep in touch through there as well.

Thank you very much for keeping your promise on the review. Reading it was such a joy since you are the biggest Deadpool fan I know. You've brought a lot to this site and truly will be missed. I am saddened by this news and the site will be different without our Chimichanga but, there's always email we can keep in touch by. I wish you the best of luck my friend.

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Bye dude. I sent you my message in PM as it may have been too personal. Been a pleasure. And if this is what the Gif said. I'm laughing :P

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Gonna miss our site's Deadpool. =(

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@samimista: Sami,I'm also really sad that I'll have to leave and let all you guys behind.That's not what I expected,but life is though and,well,I have to think about my future,so I decided to leave for good.You have my e-mail,so I guess we'll keep in touch.

Anyways,it was really good while it lasted and I don't regret anything.Hopefully one day I'll be back,but I wouldn't count on that =/

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@deadpoolrules: Don't worry we'll always be here if you do decide to visit or anything. School's very important since it depends on your future. Maybe in the future you can create a mechanical Deadpool pony that shoots out chimichangas! =O You will be very much missed though. Bit upsetting to see this thread but things in life pop up I suppose.

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@samimista:And I'm gonna miss being Deadpool,real life sucks D'=

@theacidskull:You have my Xbox Live account friendship and I may fix my wi-fi tomorrow,stop crying,man.Anyways,it was great knowing you,Hulk. =D

@pyrogram: Oh,Pyro,if this was trolling.Heh,I would understand your laughter.Thanks for the message,I got it.You have been one of my best friends around and my master on RPG.It really has been a pleasure(I hope this didn't sound gay)

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Real shame to see you go, but you should definitely make school your first priority. You can drop by every once in a while to say hello, but it's up to you. Anyway, you'll be missed. Hope you do well in life.

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@deadpoolrules: =( In honor of you, I shall be playing this tonight:

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@samimista: I'm glad you understand it.Hehe,maybe one day I'll build a city only for CV members =P

I'm very sad too,but my future is more important than this site,unfortunately. D=

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@deadpoolrules: Oh! =D Maybe you could be the Deadpool President of it! 0.0

I am sorry for the GIF though. D= Just sad the Vine suffered another loss. T_T But, hopefully you can come visit! Or else I will have to throw rubber duckies in your oven when the owls are chirping! 0.0

Hopefully you do well in school! You are a very hardworker.

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Wait, HOLD UP!! 100% school!!! 24/7 you can't even spend atleast like, a minute or two posting a thread......DAAAAAAAMMMMNNN!!!

Good luck, hope your super hard work pay's off. But seriously take a break.

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Good luck at school.

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@awesam:I know we don't talk much,but thanks anyway.Life is getting harder,I have to dedicate myself this year.Next year I'll have classes even on Saturdays,than I'll have to enter a university,so I doubt I will drop by,but I shall do it whenever I have time.

@nicholasagot:Dude,I must recover my grades.It won't be 100% school,but try finding time when you're busy the whole week.I'm also a very,very,veeeeeeeeeeeery bad student,and to achieve what I want to,I must work hard,so there won't be time for CV,unfortunately.I have English classes out of school,academy,karate and hang out with friends sometimes,so I guess it'll be hard to drop by.

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@pyrogram: If you think so.Who am I to change your mind?Please yourself,bro.

@lilben42: Thanks.

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@deadpoolrules: I go to university and I still find time for CV. Then again, I'm usually here from my phone. I think I might leave in September since I'll be doubling my major.

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@awesam: Nice,bro,but it will be a long path until university,so I probably won't be online since then or even after I enter the university.And that sucks ass D'=

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@deadpoolrules: You're moving on with your life. We all have to at one point or another. Good luck. I really hope you do well.

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I can't say that I blame you --- when it comes to school every effort should be made to excel at it and making this decision couldn't have been easy, considering how much affection you've generated here.

I have noted all your contact information and I will pester you periodically with crazy anecdotes and random ramblings. Just like I do here.

Seriously, I am going to really, really miss you. And I am so proud of you as well.

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Adeus, irmão

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Here's to you deadpoolrules,

Rest forever here in our hearts

The last and final moment is yours

That agony is your triumph

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You're already missed!

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Don't let school get in the way of being a kid.

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@deadpoolrules: Poor Cage! D= Doesn't seem he's having Cage-tastic Day. At least you'll still be here today so we can enjoy your last time on here! Still sad though. ;__;

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@wildvine: Same can be said from me.Well,it was fun,but life is calling and I must answer it.

Now a message to CV:

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