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Poll: Assassin's Creed III vs Mass Effect 3: Worst Ending? (33 votes)

Mass Effect 3 58%
Assassin's Creed III 42%


Mass Effect 3

Shepard finds the intelligence behind the Reapers who gives some bs explanation about the synthetics having to destroy the organics to prevent them from being destroyed from the synthetics and offer him/her three choices: destroy all synthetic life in the galaxy, take control of the Reapers fleet or fuse synthetic and organic life together. No matter what is your choice, Shepard appears to die, the Mass Relays blow up leaving the rest of the galaxy in a new dark age and the Normandy is stranded in a wild planet. At the very end, its implied the whole story is being told by a old men to his grandchildren in a distant future.

Assassin's Creed III

Connor's storyline: Connor get his revenge against his arch-nemesis Charles Lee, but his mentor dies soon after, the Colonists are a bunch of assholes who force Connor's people out of their lands, rendering all of his efforts and actions to help everyone completely useless.

Desmond's storyline: Like Shepard, he is given two choices: let the solar flare wrecked the world again, becoming its own messianic figure to help the people, only for a whole new order of Assassins and Templars to arise and begin the whole war all over again or save it at the cost of own his life but unleash Juno upon it. Unlike ME3, you don't choose anything and he picks the latter option.

So which one is worse?

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Don't forget that at the end of AC3, it turns out that pretty much everything Connor experienced was a dream, and never happened.. I tend to be pretty satisfied with every video game story, though. I guess it's also because I'm satisfied that I beat it. (Even with what I just mentioned, although that was DLC.)

EDIT: Never played the Mass Effect franchise, though. I've been meaning to get around to it, though.

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@dabee: wait, what? when did the original game said that everything Connor experienced was a dream?

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@liara said:

@dabee: wait, what? when did the original game said that everything Connor experienced was a dream?

Its not in the original game, but in the Tyranny of King George DLC. Its implied that the events of the main game were just dreamed by Connor in the alternate timeline, where Haytham died much earlier, his mother is still alive and George Washington fell to the influence of the Apple. Then again, the DLC is not over yet so were not sure if its real. There are a awful lot of things off about it...

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Desmonds ending was terrible. I felt he died for no reason, Juno is about to eff the world now and some random in AC4 will have to deal with it.

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@caiotrubat: Thank you, for the Answer. I was more thinking that the DLC timeline was the Dream.

However, I wasn't answering your original question. I think the ME3 was worse (at least without the DLC).

I didn't really mind Connors ending since a happy ending wouldn't have fit and it's not uncommon for the Assassins Creed games to leave questions. But Desmonds ending made me rather upset.

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So that's the end of ACIII? Lame..IMO. (I only played the first 5 sequences yesterday, but, still)

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Mass effects's ending was much worse.

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Mass Effect by a landslide.

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At least Mass Effect got a DLC trying to fix its ending. AC III didn't got even that.

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Mass Effect. The build up of the story and the fact that almost everything before the ending was so good seeing the ending in comparison to the way several emotional points were presented it fell way down. Before they added the fix to the ending there were one too many situations that either didn't make sense or felt forced. The developers promised an end where many questions will be answered and how few questions will be left only for it to end with a vague ending where we as gamers have to imagine what would have happened. It contradicts to that promise because we were left with more questions than answers.

If they wrote it vague for the sake of artistic expression then don't say that we'll get closure, say that you've made the ending to your specifications. Don't promise that they won't "leave with more questions than answers".

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So that's the ending to AC 3. Im almost halfway through Brotherhood so reading the ending doesn't seem so bad but I guess when Ill play it I might get pissed.

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Assassin's Creed III, but that is simply because they won't fix it or release more details......Unless you buy the next one.

That is the effect of money. At least, Mass Effect III had a free DLC and some comments from the developers. Personally, I liked Desmond and I have to agree that it felt like he died for nothing, just terrible atmosphere all around.

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While I have not played AC3, I vote ME3 for one reason: players were lied to regarding the ending. BioWare promised no ABC ending, and that's exactly what we got.

However, the fact that you don't even get a choice in the ending of AC3 is pretty bad, and I'd probably feel just as strongly about it if I had played the game.

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ME3's ending could have been a lot better if they just scrapped the idea of the stupid Starchild. Reducing a gigantic, galaxy-spanning threat like the Reapers into someone else's tinker toys takes away a lot of their menace. BioWare should have just gone with Harbinger being the Intelligence that the Leviathans created and the Big Bad of the series.

But really, the worst part of the ME3 ending is the destruction of the mass relays. Not only does it cut off the only form of inter-system transportation in the galaxy ---- in a franchise built around exploring new worlds ---- but we've seen in the Arrival DLC that every time a mass relay is destroyed, the entire solar system it's in is annihilated. So when all those mass relays explode after Shepard uses the Crucible? You're saving the galaxy from the Reapers by destroying its most populated areas and killing off about 90% of the galactic population, leaving the survivors to live among colonies reduced to rubble, permanently cut off from their homeworlds and fated to eventually starve.

It virtually puts a halt to any hope of continuing the franchise in the future of the Mass Effect universe, after the Reaper War, unless BioWare retcons the ending or something like that. I wonder if that will be addressed in the announced fourth game; but since BioWare has already said the next game will not feature Shepard at all, it might take place in the franchise's past, during the First Contact War or the Krogan Rebellions.

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The Mass Effect 3 ending was fine, made even better if you chose to download the Extended Cut (which is free).

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I really don't see the point of hatred for mass effect's ending it was good in my opinon but assasins creed was an empty game overall with a bloody bad ending

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The Mass Effect 3 ending was fine, made even better if you chose to download the Extended Cut (which is free).


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@deranged_midget said:

The Mass Effect 3 ending was fine, made even better if you chose to download the Extended Cut (which is free).



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Mass Efffect. I loved the game but the ending ruined it for me.

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Mass Effect, that ending and the entire third game was just insulting.

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Sorry Deranged but no the Mass Effect ending was not fine at all even including the DLC. Idk how anyone could possibly defend Mass Effect's endings when the outcomes for it were incredibly retarded..Here let's look at the Catalyst's reason for killing organics

"Synthetics(The Reapers)must kill organics so that organics don't create synthetics that in turn rebel on their creators and kill them"..No seriously that's what the writing pretty much implies. It's an irony and a contradiction which completely makes that whole scene ridiculous and made me think "Wtf bioware?". Hell when you go and talk to Leviathan in his DLC it makes the endings even more stupid because you pretty much see that the catalyst did exactly what it proclaimed it wanted to stop by turning on its masters. They should've stuck to their original ending they had planned for the game,get over it bioware if it got leaked..God forbid it's not like that's never happened to another company before,since it made more sense storywise..Especially involving the whole dark energy/matter bit. Since they went with what they did it wound up leaving a big loop hole over some of the things that happened in Mass Effect 2 with that star on Haestrom dying for ex. Instead of fixing their mistake like they should have, Bioware went and pulled the whole "artistic integrity" BS..There's no reason why they couldn't have done like they did with Dragon Age Origins where they had different endings but also closure with your party members(if you survived of course)

The true problem was that Bioware has shown before that they were so much better than this

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Maybe it's because I played my first playthrough with EC installed, but I thought ME3's ending was alright.

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AC3 Your choice is to die or to let everyone else die

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I thought the ending of ACIII was fine. Of course it would end badly, don't you know America's history? Even the indipendentists weren't saints... the game has the decency to aknowledge that history is written by the victors and that being the victos doesn't make them saints.

Connor was able to prevent the new nation to be run by templars who would have abolished free will as a first step, so he actually accomplished a lot.

The DLC was an alternate reailty... it has no impact on the story.

Desmond saved the freaking world by giving himself up and freeing Juno. He was able to avoid the Templars from having the temple and other artifacts.

There's often a parallel between the story of the guy in the animus and the story of the memory's protagonist: they both sacrificed themselves to keep the world safe, embracing a war that was actually forced on them at first.

I thought it was very nice. Of course it's not the best story ever told, but it's difficult to work a really well drawn story into a video game, and this is one of the good ones.

Not arguing, of course. I was just saying why I though the story was good. You know, my small piece of mind :)

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@matkrenz said:

So that's the ending to AC 3. Im almost halfway through Brotherhood so reading the ending doesn't seem so bad but I guess when Ill play it I might get pissed.

That's not an accurate representation of the ending, that's actually not what happens, nor the meaning of it. The game has a more cryptic plot with more historic details, so I guess you need to be into that to appreciate it... and I am ;)

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To add on what I said..IMO all they should've done to have "fixed" the ME ending was simply release their original ending as DLC or something..I mean hell they wouldn't have to do or change anything since they already made it. I just didn't like that it was "Shepard dies,Shepard dies,Shepard lives but leave it to your imagination"ending

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Mass Effect 3 was far from the worst ending, I'd argue with the free Extended cut that explained things further, it was quite an emotional and impactful conclusion to the trilogy.