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Right, well, after an entire year as a Comic Vine user I have reached 1000 posts.

P.S: This is the only place in the entire universe where I will answer questions 99.99% honestly.

I suppose it is to a welcome a new chapter in my life here on the Vine!

......This thing is going to die so quickly. Haha

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Congrats! And what's the meaning of life (to you)? :p

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'sighs' Life is a mess...

For me, the meaning of life is not something that is as solid as I would like. My teacher once told me that there were so many things to life that piecing what it is should be abandoned as answering one question leads to ten more. I have come to see it as a collection of events. What is interpreted from events that collide (Meeting that new friend ends in you meeting your future wife, etc..) is what we hold as our meaning of life. There are so many facts that emerge which leads to multiple interpretations of the meaning of life. I could go on, but I will leave it as this weird conclusion:

Life is an open ocean. There are multiple creatures in it, the bigger they are the greater their ripples which affect other creatures. If you are too small, you get pushed by a wave into a new direction where there are many creatures who came into this same location and situation by similar or different waves. Some people, in hoping to understand the waves that push them, start to believe in a bigger creatures (Gods) that move them, smaller creatures. Others just believe that these waves are random and the ocean's currents are beyond control. All I believe in is that I am a small fish in a large ocean, filled with predators in the deep and encompassed in a great mystery. I am too small to discover the truth behind this mystery and many others. So, I hangout with you fellow fishes to pass the time.

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@inlife: great answer ^_^ that's a good way of looking at it

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If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? Also, what is one thing you like about yourself you hope to never change or lose?

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I would, without hesitation, change my willpower and dedication if I could. I have many, many, ideas in my head and they unlock the key to my happiness in this world. Unfortunately, I am incapable of getting myself to commit to doing something and often procrastinate. You hear stories all of the time about people who achieve great things when they set their minds to it and do what they need to do. I will never be one of those people as I cannot "set" my mind. This is the greatest reason for my unhappiness: I cannot be happy as my willpower and dedication to something are limited to the point where I cannot progress and make some of my dreams true.

Never Change or Lose:

As mentioned above, I have a big imagination and I am utterly convinced that I can find solutions where others fall. There are many crazy ideas and dreams, but there are others that are naturally realistic (make Warhammer 40k space marine costume for Halloween) or they take years of scientific advancement and work. In the end, they are my hopes and what gives my life a purpose. This leads us to my unhappiness, a state generated by my terrible personality being incompatible with my dreams. I can think and dream, but I have no way to turn thought into reality. Can't call someone to do it, can't compel myself to do something. But as I said, this imagination is what keeps my alive even if it slowly takes me apart piece by piece (sort of like a vice). So this imagination is the biggest thing that I can't afford to lose.

My life would be completely the opposite of what it is at the moment if I had a personality actually compatible with my head. Instead, I get this life I am having at the moment. It's not bad, just pointless.

Just came to mind: I am sort of like a half-green lantern. I have the constructs part down, but not the necessary willpower.

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Marvelous answers. Thank you.

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Do you know the Muffin Man?

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Tentacle sex, Y/N?

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Nope. But I know Super-MuffinMan.

Tentacle sex, Y/N?

No. I will admit that I am down with more things, wierd and strange, than my fellow peers but tentacles are not as hot as 100% human tissue.

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What is your name?

DC or Marvel?

What do you stand for?

If you were a writer to a n52 title, what title would it be, and how would you write it?

How are your relationships?

What kind of movies do you like?

Do you have or did you have a pet? What kind?

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1. Malik Anas Ibrahim Khattab Omar Al-Shahrabani

2. DC. Although I end up reading more of Marvel.

4. Mr.Majestic. I would write him as soldier haunted by his past and void of all emotions due to his previous actions and situations. It would have tons of flashbacks and connections with other Kherubims and new 52 characters.

5. Romantic: Never had any. / Non-romantic (friends, family): I have one really good friend but that's where it ends. Most of the people I know don't really know who I am and tell me that I am weird; I am weird. In public, I turn people off and making "contacts" is easy, but it usually never goes beyond that. My relationship with my father could be better while I find myself as a burden when it comes to my mother. However, it is well with my sister although that's due to the fact that I don't feel guilty when I drive her crazy. Honestly, there is no person who is very close to me.

6. Any that I find worth watching. Much like everything else about my preferences, I have a wide range and don't like anything specifically (comes with being passionless). Yet, I tend to avoid horror and romantic movies.

7. I had two dogs when I was about six. One was a German Shepard and I forgot the type of the other one. They both ran away. Although the German Shepard managed to bite my sister before its disappearance. Never had any pets since then and animals don't have a connection with me. Unless I strike a dark pose and extend my arm towards them as if I was about to blast them where they stand. Oh yeah, a friend's cat hated me.


What do you stand for?

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What do you think about Comicvine?

What are you fan of (it can be anything, not just comic related stuff)

Do you travel allot? If yes, were to?

What kind of food do you eat?

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  1. I think Comicvine is awesome! And extremely terrible if you travel to the savage sector known as the Battles forum. Honestly, I always abandon a website's community after a very short while. Comic Vine is the only online community that I have dedicated myself to and have remained loyal. It is my online home and I always come back to it.
  2. Sci-fi, Sci-fi, Sci-fi, I just connect to the genre more than anything else on this goddamn planet. Where I come from, it seems to be a universal thing to hate Sci-fi. Everybody there associates the entire genre with spaceships and aliens and they dislike these aspects. I especially like spaceships and aliens out of the Sci-fi genre hahaha. I love reading about different lores online; comics, shows, movies, etc. During the school year, I find myself running on my school's track and field team. And let's not forget the main attraction of the internet: Porn.
  3. I don't travel often and it is always with my family. Since I reside in western New York state, I am far closer to Toronto in Canada than New York City in my state. So, sometimes I visit Canada.
  4. Arabic food, fastfood, and maybe American BBQ every once in a while.
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When was the last time you pooped your pants?

Are you a wanted criminal?

Favorite food?

What was the worsed thing about jail?

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Read Daytripper? If so did you enjoy it?

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Goku or Superman?

Favorite comic series?

Favorite manga?

Favorite character?

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  1. Not since I was afraid to go to the bathroom.
  2. Nope, I know how to stay off the radar.
  3. Arabic food is the $h!t, man.
  4. I am too sneaky to go to jail. Although communal showers have a reputation. I drop the soap a lot in the shower so I am avoiding jail at all costs.

@decoyelite: No, but I just Googled it and it seems pretty weird. Definitely going to check it out when I can. I need some influence in my life at the moment. I have a recommendation of my own: Irredeemable.


  1. Superman
  2. I don't have a specific favorite. However, I am enjoying many New52 titles. Currently on Supergirl.
  3. Never read manga, sorry.
  4. From comics? Spider-man. Where I come from, he is the center of your childhood; spider-man toys, bags, books, etc.
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@inlife: Irredeemable is pretty great. What's your favorite part about it?

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@decoyelite: The end was quite surprising and I liked it a lot. Although mass murders stick with me so the beginning had a significant impact on me.

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@inlife: Which of these enemies you find the coolest?

Loading Video...

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Dremora. I am a sucker for really good looking armors.

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@inlife: plan and navigate or attack and concur?

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Blue Waffle or Red Pancake? If you don't know what it is, SEARCH ON GOOGLE IMAGES.........sorry.

Do you like fish?

Favorite Sport to watch and to play?

Push Ups or Sit Ups?

Favorite childhood movie?

Beach or Pool?

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  1. I just saw some interesting things on Google Images. Red pancake.
  2. Yes, especially the eyes. They're really tasty.
  3. Track and Field.
  4. Push ups. I put more effort into them and don't get lazy like when I do sit ups.
  5. Toy Story. Watched over and over and over and.....you get the idea.
  6. Pool. Beaches are overrated and nasty.

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Wow you just got some amazing questions. Now my questions feel inadequate and have performance anxiety.

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Your questions are welcomed here. This is the only place in the universe where I can put my honesty to good use. People don't really want to know about me in the real world, leaving me stuck with the internet.

So, go ahead and ask whatever you want.

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Oh, okay, this is a fun one -- (assuming you're hetero male) You meet the girl of your dreams. Funny, smart, likes the things you do but has new ideas on them, leading to interesting conversations. Is just as attached as you need her to be, and holds your personal pinnacle of beauty. However, you find out very early on that she has a "surprise" downstairs. How do you react?

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Wanna hear a joke?

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How do I react? Really, I find myself too detached from things to actually care that much. However, my heartrate will increase massively and soon, my heart would be sinking.

So, let me rephrase your question: What will you do now that you know her secret?

I was born into Islam with a muslim family and culture. That means even holding hands romanitcally, unless the couple is married under God, will leave you very close to being sent to hell. Going beyond that is pretty much the confirmation. Since Islam does not recognize Transexuals, you would be doing things with a man which would mean an even more terrible suffering in hell.

God, religions irritate me.

So, let's say I wasn't born into Islam..And don't imagine my mom whooping me everytime I do something "unethical"...I am now divided by the two sides of a coin. If you asked this question and offered the scenario to my peers, then the answer you would recieve is a "no" 99% of the time. As I have previously said, I am detached from things and am very weird. I am not "synced" with normal cultural attitudes and that is why I keep quiet around my friends or I will end up disturbing the peace in under 5 seconds. I would actually embrace her "surprise's" existence and never conflict with her. Although I might question why she isn't a post-op.

There are certain benefits to having the best of both worlds. But one must realize that her "surprise" is to her is what a man's most cherished organ is to him. Depending on the explorative nature of the couple, they can take full advantage of their suitation and never be restricted like other couples.

Personally, I see no reason why I would even take sexual interest in her "surprise" even if anal stimulation has a good reputation among man's world as long as the limits are not pushed. Seriously, I can be the gayest man on the planet and I still won't find penises that appealing. This leaves us with her comfort and ideas, which are the most important factors to consider in this. What does she want? Is she kinky? Is the couple sexually comfortable with the whole thing?

If she was the girl of my dreams, I would totally go for it. You won me over when you said "holds your personal pinnacle of beauty."

P.S: Honestly, part of the whole detached and unsynced thing: It actually works for the relationship's benefit since I won't get weirded out everytime she opens her pants.

I am not going to go into myself too much here, but let's just say that I can put my mind in places where other men can't or aren't willing to (Effect of cultural attitudes detachment). Just one of the many reasons to keep quiet during the lunch period.

And above these very words is Miss Sinister. Came to my mind when you asked the question:


Wanna hear a joke?

Usually, no. But I will entertain your offering of a joke this time.

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@inlife: *rubs hands together* Interesting. And I assume she is not post-op because she doesn't want to be. Other details are left up to you -- as I said, she is perfect for you in every way. Plus one small detail.

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Everything is cool as long as her "small detail" remains smaller than mine.

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How come 3/4 of all nerds use the word "awesome" so much? And do you use it as well?

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  1. awe·some / adjective
    1. 1.extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear."the awesome power of the atomic bomb"

You will find the word "awesome" in textbooks to describe the power and might of an ancient army and the power of a culture's gods. The slang term awesome is very easy to use and gets the message through, resulting in a huge portion of the english speaking population to use it in things like "Dude, I never knew that before; that is so awesome!" Since there are a lot of cool and dare I say awesome things in nerd culture, the nerds adapted the word to suit their needs for slang which would be used on online forums and in chats with other people. This is the truth.

I used to hate the word but now I use it once every couple of days. The word just feels weird for me to use.

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@inlife: Oil wrestling match between Alyson Hannigan and Felicia Day -- morals off, both in their prime, who wins?

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Alyson Hannigan. Mothers are the most combat conditioned women on planet Earth.