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Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner de Fernandez( or is it de Fernandez Kirchner, I can never get it straight) is remarkably like (not just the Bourbon sovereigns but the latter day Irish Republicans)- she has learned nothing and remembered nothing .

Her blustering letter to David Cameron demanding that the latter hand over "las Malvinas"( as the Argentinians term the Falklands Islands) as if Cameron could simply do so- even if he so wished proves that much like Republicans in NI, she has confused the two concepts of land and territory. ( Personally I suspect that it has much to do with domestic internal Argentinian politics rather than an indication that it is prepared to retake "las Malvinas" by force, esp given the country's parlous economic and military status).

Conveniently airbrushed out of the fantasy of "colonialism" so cherished by the likes of Kirchner( and I daresay film maker Sean Penn who last year caused a stir condemning British "colonialism"- someone should remind Mr Penn that the US arguably stole New Mexico , California and Texas from its southern neighbout Mexico and shows no indication of returning them to their original owners and waht concern is the future of the Falklands to an American?) is the wishes and desires of the inhabitants of the islands( the similarity between the Protestants of Northern Ireland and the Falklanders is of course obvious) who regard themselves as having more in common with the far off "mother country" than the Argentinian Republic just across the water.

A wag at the time of the Falklands War once joked that it was a quarrel between two bald men fighting over a comb- thirty odd years later the central matter to the issue is the desires of the islanders( just as the Ulster Protestants) and as long as they feel they have more in common with London than Buenos Aires, the status quo should remain!

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& so said the Native Americans..