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An local zombie infection epidemic breaks out oand spreads, are you ready? You have 72 hours of prep-time and you're not the only one aware of the incoming wave of the infected, will oyou barricade yourselves in and await for official instruction, or will you get on the move and migrate to a "suspected"safe-zone. What is your plan. Include all real world factors, ;Family, other civils,resources. Etc. Disease is not airborne. Zombies can sprint with unlimited stamina. Can be infected by exsposure to eyes, open wounds, or ingestion. Animals have shown to have an immunity.
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I will head up to any of the scientific research stations at the north pole and be done worrying about it because they'd freeze and fall apart before they got to me

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Is this infection airbourne? That is the life/death factor.

If not, I use my own instinctive survival skills and hide under my bed.

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There's an oil drill platform out at sea, that's pretty much the safest place i can think off. Plenty of boats where i'm around and zombies can't swim.. I hope.

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Step One 
Arm yourselves 
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@Aiden Cross: Also sharks, despite what that one movie indicates the human body isn't fit for the sea and a Zombie wouldn't last 5 seconds against a mid sized shark

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@Joshmightbe: but what about zombie sharks? .... :p

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I call up these guys:

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I will get every knife and weapon like thing in my house and Imma kill some zombies.

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I will get some weapons from my house than i will go and save my brother and sister than i will go and take some guns and go for my last stand

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Waitwaitwaitwait, what kinda zombies are we dealing with? The slow shambling ones or the fast-as-hell ones?

...Know what? The plan stays the same for now: get the family together and shack up somewhere (Costco has been the subject of many a zombie survival plan).

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To be honest, I would spend so long panicking I would get nothing done and die.

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I live near DC so my plan is to get as far from heavy populated urban areas as possible.I believe those are death traps due to the zombies and people rioting and looting . I have weapons but food and water are an issue.