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I can't complain. They add another woman to the team, Quicksilver's super-speed would be awesome to see on the silver screen, and they are classic members of the Avengers. As long as they aren't creepy incestuous siblings like the Ultimate route, I can live with it. Though my first choice is still Ms. Marvel and Black Panther.

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They won't be Mutants, they won't be the the son and daughter of Magneto and they won't even be called Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. So no I'm not.

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Where is my third option? >:(

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If there aren't other villains, that makes me think they won't switch sides and join the team, which would be a bad thing, as I like them as Avengers.

I'm not bothered about them not being referred to as Mutants, or no references to Magneto, but has it actually been confirmed that they won't be using their correct names? That would bother me.

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@jonny_anonymous: Wow. That would be really annoying if that happens. Hopefully it is just a rumour.

What would they even be called? I can't imagine them just being called Wanda and Pietro in their costumes.

That is, if they're actually allowed to use the right costumes...

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They should have picked from their plethora of other Avengers characters

Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Vision, She Hulk, Wonder Man etc.