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I have noticed that throughout Nintendo's history, there have been certain skeletons in the closet of their games. I am not some crazy person saying Pokemon is the work of the devil, but there are certain elements in some Nintendo games that kids would not get or are a little too dark for the age they aim the game too. There are three game series in general that have some strange things for a kid's game. Let's get started.

Pokemon Pokedex Entrees

I am a big fan of dark and twisted stories, but I am not sure if I am okay with these kind of things for kids(I am not saying that kid's movies and games should not be dark, but they need to know how to limit it). A lot of the Pokedex entrees for ghost and physic pokemon are somewhat creepy. The pokemon Shedinja's pokedex entree mentions that it sucks human souls through the hole in its back, if you look at it(this was most likely for laughs due to the fact when you send it out you are looking at its back). Banette's entree is more extreme than Shedinja's. Banette pokes itself with pins to curse people(think of it as a voodoo doll). If you thought that was weird you have not seen the creepy part yet. It was once a doll who was abandoned by its owner, now it wanders in search for that child. Hypno's and Drowzee's entree takes creepy to a whole other level. Drowzee eats people's dreams, but prefers children's because they are tastier. Hypno is a pokemon who gets a lot of negative attention, mainly because of the creepy pasta Hypno's Lullaby. The lullaby is pretty much Hypno kidnapping children which goes along with his pokedex entree. In his pokedex entree it says there was an incident where a Hypno kidnapped a child.

Majora's Mask Plot

While this is not necessarily bad for children, I just feel they do not get the full story of Majora's Mask. Honestly even if your a teen or adult you wont get the some of the dark tones in the game's side quest. A good example is going to the Romai's ranch on the last day. Talk to Romani and she says Cremia(her big sister) is letting her sleep with her tonight. Cremia also allowed Romani have Chateau Romani which, based off evidence in the game, is like alcohol. If you talk to Cremia she says(if I remember correctly) "See your tomorrow..." Based off deductive skills Cremia is keeping Romani company and numbing her senses.


The creature from Earthbound, Giygas, is pretty creepy. It gets worse, though, if go into the production story about this character.Here is the concept of the character(from wikipedia):

Giygas was created by Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the EarthBound series in the original Mother. He went under the name of Giegue in the cancelled English localisation. In an interview on his website, EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi describes how his inspiration for the final battle with Giygas resulted from a traumatic childhood event. When Itoi was a young boy, he accidentally viewed the wrong movie at a theater, a Shintōhō film entitled Kenpei to barabara shibijin. According to Itoi the film featured a murder scene near a river that Itoi mistook for a rape scene that traumatized Itoi so much that his parents began to worry about his well-being. Years later, Itoi integrated the experience into Giygas' dialogue for the final battle. Itoi described Giygas as something that people cannot make sense of, but also as a living being who deserves love. He compared this part of him to the breast of Hisako Tsukaba, the victim of the film. He described this scene as a combination of atrocity and eroticism, and that is what his lines are in the end, one of them being "it hurts..." While designing this battle, Itoi spoke all of the text out loud while another staff member, Matchan Miura, wrote it down. He spoke eachhiragana character one by one, commenting that he felt the hiragana made it scarier. Itoi explained that the subtitle to the Japanese version, which exclaims that "Giygas strikes back", was inserted to instill that he did not die in Mother, as well as to show to the readers what to expect from the final boss. Music composer Hirokazu Tanaka described Giygas as the "embodiment of evil". As a result, he composed the music in a certain way based on the player's proximity to him. For example, in battles where Ness and company encounters someone or something under Giygas' control, the music and sound effects reflect this. However, when Ness and company are in a peaceful area such as a Sanctuary, the music has a spiritual nuance.
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No. They're for everyone.


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Yes. They are.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

No. They're for everyone.


I agree.

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dO.Ob Um......Uhhhhhh......dO.Ob

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I like this blog. I knew most of this already but great for others who don't. Always find Earthbound to be interesting with how it transforms to a lighter tone to a darker one. I say Nintendo is for everyone though. No age limit on them. The 90s though was when Nintendo was at it's darkest in my opinion. Even though Ocarina of Time is a rated E game it still scares the crap out of me to this day. But, I mean that all in a good way as I grew up on that game. Now if only we can get a remake of Earthbound.

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That is up to the individual to decide.

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Kind of reminds me of something I'd read on cracked.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy: is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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@InnerVenom123 said:

No. They're for everyone.