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@maccyd: I would say it's a good game. It's not as good as AoW II, but definetly one of the best TBS games of this year. And a lot better than Rome II. It never lags,freezes,crashes,drops framerate, etc. The campaign is good, although lacking in storyline. The game is like a slightly dumbed down version of civ5 in a fantasy setting, but more fun to play imo. And I would recommend it, yes.

And I also have age of empires II HD.

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Hit me up if you ever wana play any of the Total Wars or Paradox games.

I work nights though, so I usually only play in the mornings before I go to sleep if I don't have the night off.

My steam name is....(wait for it)....Fallschirmjager...

There are like a thousand people with that name. Could you add me? My name is DivineDamon on Steam.

@xlab3000 said:

@scorpion2501: I have halo reach and 4. Do you use DivineDamon for every username except CV lol?

Yep. I use it everywere.

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@tomlikesfries: I'll add you today. Maybe we can play something with xlab? To bad Hulk doesn't have an Xbox, else the Yu-Gi-Oh crew would be re-united.

@xlab3000: What's your Xboxlive gamertag?

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