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I'm all for this one after watching super power beat down I mean it would be perfect and sense comic book and sci-fi characters are becoming more popular we could do them and the show will have good ratings and it would be cool to see certain fights and characters duke it out but much like deadliest warrior it have to have rules such as

1: characters have to be within the same scope such as no superman vs daredevil or punisher but more of superman vs thor or captain America vs batman

2: no prep heroes like batman and spiderman and ironman would dominate with this and be able to beat almost any heroe you pit them against it would have to be random so heroes can think on their feet and so who's more agile and tactical then who can come up with the better toys and plans

3:multiple simulations would have to be done so we can get a better percentage

4: no fan votes this is the most obvious cause if you let people vote they'll just vote for their fav heroe and nobody wants that the fight should be judged on feats skill and weakness and them as a character

5:stay true to the character which means no batmans or spiderman killing and etc

I'm all for one for this and I'd like to see fights like batman vs captain America, hawkeye vs green arrow, mockingbird vs black canary, wounder women vs Sif etc etc what do you guys think

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There is something like this.

It's called Deathbattle.

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There is something like this.

It's called Deathbattle.

yeah but maybe someone with want something like this with..you know... accurate results...

Rouge beating Wonderwoman...lol

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@crom_cruach: why do you say no it makes sense and would be a treat for new comers and comic book fans

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@ximpossibrux: death battle can be a lil off such as the wounder woman fight and spiderman vs batman now I believe spiderman could best batman if batman had no prep but spidey took too may punches so that's why. Feel he should of dodged more to give more of a accurate result cause they just made him stand their getting his face pounded in and in reality if spiderman took the beating he took in a comic he'd be K.O

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i'd try it out, but I dont know if I'd be good

at least we'd know it'd be Sci-Fi heroes so whoever was doing the show wouldn't have to be concerned about trying to give historical information (not that Spike was anyway)