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Squarespace, specifically? I have a blog and am having a lot of difficulty finding out exactly what I have to do... I need to add adsense but supposedly you need a sidebar for that, I can't even figure out how to add one. Is it a problem with templates? Bleh. Help very much appreciated.

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Not Squarescpace. I did one for my mom a year or two ago. Me and my father recently did one.

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I use webs.com whenever I make websites (which isn't very often). I'm not familiar with Squarespace.

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Crap... I'm already paying $10 a month for Squarespace, it is great and pretty easy, but I just can't figure out how to make a sidebar.

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"Google provides you with a block of HTML/JavaScript code that you can insert just about anywhere in your SquareSpace site. You can put it into its own Code block, or you can put it into a Markdown or Text block. There are even more possibilities if you're using the developer platform"