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So I somehow managed to stumble upon that weird part of Youtube again. This time there was a large variety of videos on zit, abscess, and cyst extractions. Pretty much any skin condition you could think of. Anyways, no matter how hard I tried to turn away, for some reason I was unable to due to unreasoned passion and love of these videos. Just wondering if I'm the only one.

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I must admit my vocabulary fails me here.  Please excuse this outburst, EHUGHUGHEEEEEHUGH.  
I find this rather disgusting. (The zit popping that is.)

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No, but thank you for making my own bizarre fetishes seem that much more palatable by comparison.

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I feel physically ill.

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Now he has a huge hole in his back now. 
Should of used  ....

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Thankfully the video didn't load for me and there's just a black box. I'm assuming it's something like one of my relatives sent me on FB, (a large whitehead on the neck?) and I remember puking just at the still. it seems the in thing is to gross people out and make them pook lately. I hope it's a real short fad.

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He forgot the straw to suck up the juices with afterward.


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I've seen that before.

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@The Dark Huntress said:


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well I'm not going to watch that.

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I think I'm going to pass on watching this video.

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(I kind of do) :X

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I think it's fun to pop pimples, cysts and all that stuff. Unfortunately I don't get them so I just ask my grandma if I could do it for her.

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I posted a series including the OP video a while ago in the Creepy Thread.

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oh heck no man... 
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This is f*cking disgusting.