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I'm one myself, just wondering how many of you believed in any conspiracies at all.

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I believe we miss a lot of conspiracies, but I don't believe in any of the famous ones.

i.e. We never landed on the moon, JFK assassination, 9-11 steel beams something or other, etc.

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Conspiracy. singular.

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I believe in the JFK assassination conspiracy

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@VercingetorixTheGreat: Cool, same here. I've always thought there was something odd about it.

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9/11 = conspiracy

moon landing = conspiracy

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I don't see how you say no.

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BTW this thread

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Love Sunny in Philadelphia. Excellent show!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist at all but I firmly believe that 911 was an inside job

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Um.... not really.... I do believe tons of stuff... just not sure about this

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@pooty: I agree about the 9/11 thing, though there's so many different theories to it that it becomes confusing at times.

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@GodOfMischief: I don't follow the different theories of how and why, i just find it GROSSLY IMPOSSIBLE that 911 was able to happen and everything went off perfectly. Not a delayed flight, not one scanner going off, not one passenger attacking the terrorist. All done by some dude 1,000s miles away living in a cave. No, i'm not buying that ya know?

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Yeah I know exactly what you mean, it just amazes me how no one looks into these things. I was watching some witness reports on Youtube and on the internet and there's a lot of weird stuff on there, but like you said how the hell could someone plan an attack like that and get past the security so easily?

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In the strictest sense of the word, yes 9-11 was a conspiracy, a group of people (Osama and Al Qaeda) plotted and planned this terrible act, but it wasn't an inside job.

On a side note, I remember seeing a documentary on History Channel basically completely debunking all the "evidence" that Loose Change had, so as far as it being a U.S. conspiracy, I don't think so.

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Thats the thing about claiming a belief: it doesn't matter what anyone believes, only the truth matters.

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@KnightRise: Well said.

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yes, i believe the theory that batman isnt human

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Conspiracies are more fun as fiction.

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no,not really.Well i kinda believe in the 9/11 theory,but like KnightRise said nicely,it doesn't matter what you believe,only the truth matters.

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I find it impossible to believe the Flight 93 story. Two planes just hit the World Trade Center and one hit the Pentagon, the government notices a flight has gone astray and just so happens to be heading straight for the capitol. I'm sure the passengers on-board just so happened to plan their revolt at the perfect time to land in a field far away from anything. Yeah, more like shot down.

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Fogot about the Robert F Kennedy assassination I believe in that conspiracy too.

the JFK assassination I believe the killer was Ferrie on the grassy knoll. 32 people (witnesses of the assassination and events related to it) were mysteriously dead (murdered)


The investigation into it was handled so poorly, its hard not to believe the government had a hand in it.

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Yes, I am one. Believer of NWO, Bilderberg group, Illuminati, 9/11---a modern day Reichstag fire-- , JFK being assasinated due to the Federal Reserve, etc

JFK speech on secret societies http://www.jfklibrary.org/Research/Ready-Reference/JFK-Speeches/The-President-and-the-Press-Address-before-the-American-Newspaper-Publishers-Association.aspx