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I am a huge MMA fan and a big comic fan. I am just checking to see if there are any MMA fans out there on this forum.

Tonight we saw another amazing free night of fights in the UFC.

1. Clay Guida: I'm so glad he has made the change to 145lbs. He always looked like a small lightweight, so I think he will be a top 5 145er for the next few years. No I don't think he will be a title contender, or at the most a champion, but I think he will be a very entertaining and formidable fighter in this class.

2. Texiera: I am a big fan of the old Rampage, but I am glad that Texiera is continuing his winning streak. I think he will continue to get better and one day take on the champ. I am Canadian but I always seem to root for the Brazilians.

3. Mighty Mouse: This guy is awesome! Dodson is awesome too. Dodson had some very nice knockdowns, but did you see how fast Johnson jumped back up and into the fight?! It's amazing to watch these guys. Yes, the lightweight classes don't have the power of the bigger fighters, but I still love watching them. So fast, so fast.

Aldo and Edgar is next! Once again, I am rooting for the Brazilian!

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@mikethekiller: Wow, that is so old. Though I am very pleased to see that there was some Strikeforce love in that thread.

I forgot to mention the Pettis/Cerrone fight: I was really hoping for a longer fight. These are both extremely entertaining fighters. Though I am glad that Pettis took the win - on a kidney shot! Any time there is a fight with opposing stances, body shots are the way to go, and Pettis did it right. I can't wait to see him against Henderson for fight number 2!

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Anthony Pettis is a Beast... I think he will give Benson Henderson a tough time in their rematch... I don't know if he will be getting off any flying kicks again though.
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Benson's pretty big and strong, though, I think he'd just wear out Pettis.

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@Xanni15: Benson looks like he probably walks around about 10lbs heavier than Pettis, but they are the same height and in their last fight, Benson didn't have a big size advantage. Also, their last fight was a 5 rounder that Pettis won by unanimous decision. It will be interesting to see which fighter has grown (as in skills) the most since the last time they fought.

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I hope Gegard Mousasi beats Gustafsson... I would love to see Mousasi get a shot at Jones... just to see if he can surprise him.
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I quite like Dan Hardy

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I have a MMA family

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I am.
Rooting for the Jersey boy.