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It seems Scott Snyder is going to leave Swamp Thing , this comes as a no suprise considering he is going to write the new Superman series , along with Batman and from my source a new Vertigo title. Scott, you gave us an awesome run I hope the next writer is as talented as you are (maybe,Jim Starlin , considering he confirmed he is writing a DC title?).

Here are my sources :

COMICS: Scott Snyder To Leave SWAMP THING

and the Starlin one : COMICS: Jim Starlin To Write New Series For DC Comics

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Where's your source for this news? And how come you haven't heard about Snyder's other Vertigo title? He announced it at SDCC this year. Admittedly I did see this coming seeing as how if he'd continued with Swamp Thing, he would be writing 4 titles, a near impossible task even for a writer of his caliber.

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Ah well,worse things have happened.