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Let us hate Microsoft :)

Don't let those basterds recover

Let the hate build up

Affect their sales

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I've seen that video earlier. I was considering posting in the "horrors of the X-Box One thread". I agreed with everything he said, which is surprising considering I don't agree often with his reviews. At least his recent ones...

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@dragonborn_ct: Bomb Microsoft! down with Xbox

burn the infidels

they have blasphemed gamers

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So annoyed with MS right now.

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@nerx: I didn't want to believe the rumours man! I need an omelette!

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@dernman: Let there be known that this magnificent omelet will be the "F_ck You Microsoft" Omelet

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@nerx: I'll eat the sh*t out of it too.

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@monsterstomp: Yeah, cheers to the death of Xbox

f_ck you microsoft

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This is probably the best thing I've seen on the matter. Excuse the language though.

Edit: You're gonna have to View Image this thing, apparently I don't know how to post a .gif.

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COD and water coolers? f_ck you microsoft, roll over and die!

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@nerx: I'v always been more interested in the PS anyway

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@nerx: Yea I can see what Microsoft is trying to do with the XBox, trying to turn it in to a multimedia hub but that's really not what I'm interested in. I'm a gamer, I'm interested in anything that will take the gaming experience to the next level, I'm not interested in speaking to my console so I can watch TV.

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@jonny_anonymous: Nobody outside the US cares about NFL or will they be able to access the services provided. Way to kill off your connection to the world Xbox.


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@nerx: Good video! Seems like XBox is getting some really negative feedback.

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@dark_guyver: I feel sympathy for the passionate xbox fans getting betrayed

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@nerx: Yea I know, "Oh you can watch cable TV through your XBow One" big woop nobody has cable in Europe.

LOL at the gif

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@nerx: Whoever buys an xbox one is a traitor to the gamer community.

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@consolemaster001: I cry for them, pitiful souls...

I hope the hackers found ways to bootleg the games so some justice is served

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Part 2

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So much hate XD

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Honestly Kinda done with consoles now.

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@nerx: Skin the women! EAT THEIR BABIES!!!!! YOU SHALL PERISH XBOX ONE!!!

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@nerx: lol that picture is AWSOME

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I love this thread. You know why it's called PS4? Because it's 4 the win.

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The face of the man to hate

“If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.”

Don Mattrick tells the Wall Street Journal backwards compatibility would hold the Xbox One back.

“Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called Xbox 360,” Mattrick said. “If you have zero access to the Internet, that is an offline device.”

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And now I hear its region-locked... That means it may not play here in Brazil if there is not a network here...

I shouldn't be even pissed at this point...

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@dragonborn_ct: Yes it is region locked so no importing games nor consoles.

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The anger has reached god level... Rip Microsoft

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Oh god. That guy should've kept his mouth shut. He pretty just told people "Well, too bad. Offline? Off game." Ouch.

X-Box is done. Past done.

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If you are a microsoft staff reading this then dieeee

If you are an Xbone apologist and reading this then we feel bad for you

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@nerx: Microsoft has 99 problems with the Xbox one

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Whenever I find myself promptly raging and hating something, I try to catch myself a little later on and look back upon my initial reactions and see how much I overreacted, how much I misinterpreted, how much I over looked, and ultimately how much good there really was in that given thing. I find that my later views on these things turns a little more positive, or at least filled with more open-minded insight.

After analyzing the entire X-Box One situation over and over and over again, given the new news we have about it, given past news that I've looked more into, and given the potential prospects past the present that lie in the future, I can say that all of my raging and anger and disgust over the X-Box One and Microsoft's handling/building/absolute ineptitude in being able to actually connect with their consumer fan-base has been so far completely justified. It isn't even so much the X-Box One itself that upsets me, as it is merely a neatly done plastic box containing hardware inside, but everything else around it and the complete lack of anything of any good that there is (or rather is not) to at least fall back on. The exclusive titles? Very nice looking, and with this new Killer Instinct coming out after all these years of me wanting a new one too, I'm more than happy with the selection, but I will not be playing these anytime soon. The issues are these:
The mandatory Kinect? I actually don't mind the Kinect we have for the living room X-Box back home, and I actually enjoy some of the games we have for it, but I really wouldn't be going out and getting any console for a side-device that shouldn't be so co-dependent with the console itself.
No used games? I would say that at least half of the games I own for all of the collective consoles I have are used games. If not half, then at least a strong majority of them are. If it wasn't for the people who traded these games in to the stores in which we bought these games from, I would probably have never played them. There is a tradition here, there is a business here, and there is even a community here. The fact that Microsoft at first even considered denying us the ability to play used games on their new console is just one prime example of how f***ing out of touch they are with gamers as a whole. Another way they prove that is by how bloody anal and restrictive they're being about lending games.
Lending restrictions? I don't think I've heard such copious amounts of needlessly complicated B.S. surrounding something so incredibly basic and simple. I mean, good golly gumbucks, we as human beings have been lending stuff out to our buddies pretty much since we could have buddies to lend stuff to. This is so old that it pretty much shouldn't even be considered to be ritual; it is just human nature at this point. But the big wigs at Microsoft who thought that this was even remotely a good idea...they must have been lonely children. What, was this measure taken to counter-attack pirating? There are better ways to do that I am sure! Do they think that everyone nowadays plays online only? It is a big freakin' world out there, suits, and not all of us only have friends whenever they go online with Call of Duty. Why they even thought of this is just beyond me and apparently everyone else out in the world as well. Only being able to lend once per game for once per friend as long as they've been on your friends list for longer than thirty days? But surely the ten people on your family list will be golden, as those ten can register to play that game just fine...right...
Trade-ins? That is up to the game developers to decide, which will be okiee-dokiee I suppose so long as all of these companies aren't complete douche-nozzles (my pardons) about it. Again, something so simple...
The always on Kinect? Again, I don't actually mind the Kinect as what it is when it was just a simple gaming gimmick, but I totally understand the concerns people have with this new version that is much more involved with your experiences while playing this game.
The need to always be connected to the internet in some shape or form? As much as this issue initially pissed me off when I first heard about it, it made me even madder when I learned just how badly screwed so much more other people would be with this system in place. Like me, there are people out there who prefer to not play most games online, and after that there are people who can barely play online, and some not even at all. With the X-Box One, those folks really would be buying a $500 paperweight. Oh, but wait, that isn't fair, the X-Box One can watch live t.v. or dvds regardless of internet capability, so it is nice to know that this advanced next-gen gaming system will be able to play everything else BUT the games it was MEANT to PLAY for. And the whole thing with having to connect online in order to play anything is just utter bulls#!t. It may not have to be online 24/7, but you still have to connect to the internet at least once a day in order to play a game (unless you're away somewhere else and are using Cloud, in which case you'll have to connect by the hour). If this wasn't the ultimate reason why this entire thing is just plain screwed, then surely it is the penultimate next to Microsoft themselves.
Microsoft themselves have been...well, we all saw their pre-E3 press conference, we all saw (or updated ourselves on) their E3 press conference, and by now we should have all seen that short video of Don Mattrick damning himself for what could be the rest of his life.They did not build this thing for gamers with gamers in mind. They built this thing for gamers who could give them the most amount of money and blind loyalty they could give and keep on giving. I have seen comments from people saying things like "well Microsoft is just testing their waters", which to me is just sick. No company built upon/working on products meant to entertain and bring some levels of enjoyment to the consumer populace should ever intentionally "test their waters". That just shows a gigantic lack of respect and graciousness to your fans and supporters, and it really makes you out to be a completely massive tool. And to anyone who can defend any of that, all I can say is...you're either rich or in denial.

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@armiv2: In an optimistic view there are always the good bootleggers and hackers out there that will sell cheaper versions ready to play

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@nerx said:

@armiv2: In an optimistic view there are always the good bootleggers and hackers out there that will sell cheaper versions ready to play

If they could get me a full ported Killer Instinct hack that I could play on the PS4, that'd be golden.

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@armiv2: Never underestimate the power of pirates

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The hate is strong in this one.

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