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This is just great to me.

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Professor X is kind of a dick, dude.

Patrick Stewart is infinitely better.

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He's a really good guy. Fit the role perfectly.

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Internet high five mister stewart

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@innervenom123: Professor X is kind of a dick now, but in the old days he was written as a good man. X only started being written as a dick after he was written that way in the ultimate universe. It kind of pisses me off how he was retconed as an ass.

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Patrick Stewart playing Professor X gives a lot of kids, and adults, a great role model and a shining example to follow.

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Not true, go back and read those original issues. Prof X was an @$$ who coveted Jean.

That was a brilliant speech by Mr. Stewart I must say. Never been a fan of Trek but am a fan of his.

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Stewart seems like a cool guy.

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I signed up to receive daily e-mails from that website -- love it.

As for Mr. Stewart -- he is fantastic and wonderful and exactly what celebrities the world over should be doing.

As for Professor X -- no idea why fans of the X-Men don't like him -- to each their own. I adore the character. He's just another victim retconned to whitewash other characters.

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That was really sweet how he opened up like that. The hug was cute too. =D

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Wow, what a guy!

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Wow you must be really really stvp1d.


Xavier sucks!!!!

Jean Luc Picard is what humanity should be, thats why Gene Rodenberry use him and Q decide he should be the human in the trail against humanity.


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Patrick Stewart is what Morgan Freeman would be if he was white.

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That video just made my day

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@ximpossibrux said:

Patrick Stewart is what Morgan Freeman would be if he was white.

haha. QFT

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@deathpoolthet1000: First off, don't call me stupid that was very rude. Secondly I totally agree with the Picard bit and almost listed both of those characters but I decided to just stick with Xavier since this is a comic site. Picard is not only the greatest captain of the star ship enterprise, nor the greatest captain of any damn star ship, he is the greatest freaking sentient being in the whole damn Star Trek universe.

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I listened to him with a smile and a cup of earl grey tea in my hand, to you Mr. Stewart!

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I see short attention spans have prevented people from watching the video and decided to focus on which fictional character is more awesome. In any case, the video was moving. Words can't describe the level of emotion when you hear someone else who has been through it all put it so eloquently.

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Mr steward u deserve a cookie to u good sir

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@vortex13: I never called you stupid, people often see what they want to see, its an optical illusion.

The word i wrotte is not even a word because, it has a number in it, is a funny way to make people call themselves stupids and works 1 of every 3 times.

Also dont let the DS9 listen to you, they belive their Captain is something like a God, because of the bad writting the series got in the last seasons.

Sisko got a serious case of bad writting during many parts of the show, to the point is not even funny.

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It's funny, because when I was little I would use a Captain Picard action figure to be Professor X.

Then like 12 years later, BAMM!

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@deathpoolthet1000: I realize you used numbers and substituted similar looking letters but that doesn't constitute it being a optical illusion, besides there are a good number of people that will spell words like that because they think it is funny but the intent is still clearly there.

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Picard all the fkin way!

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I was there. Comicpalooza Houston.

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I thought Patrick Stewart was interesting playing the role of Macbeth.