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Im bored, and I felt like calling together some anime fans, post all your favorite amv's here. Ive got an infatuation with this one right now, probably why my post count has been dwindling lately. Well, the Band is Three Days Grace, and the song is "I hate everything about you", and the series as most would know is Naruto. Any amv's you post just list the band/song name and what series it is, in case other viners want to look the series up.


I look forward to seeing these :D
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Here is mine:

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There is already a thread made like this somewhere....

Barbie: You made that video? Your going to have to work on the dramatics a little. Try and sync the video with the music. 
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the video goes perfect wit the song
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A near 5 year bump

I say this video is my favorite

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One of my favorite AMV's was TTGL x Muses Citizen Erased. Sadly, I haven't been able to find it since the first time I watched it.....help?

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What if i like my own videos (Not the best there is but i like them)?

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Once a pond a time, back when I actually liked Bleach...I made this piece of crap.

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