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@ostyo said:

No he is my hero Sailor Bubba!!!

Teh most famosu cosplayer, besides Man Faye.

From the Wikipedia

Male-to-female crossplayers, (males costumed as female characters, sometimes abbreviated "MtF"), are somewhat more common outside of Japan. Originally, in America, a popular anime series for MtF crossplayers was Sailor Moon, creating "humorous effect and social levity".[4] Due largely to the nature of most costumes from the series (skintight tops and impossibly short skirts), this led to a negative stereotype which still exists both inside and outside of the anime community: that of the overweight, hairy-legged Sailor Soldier. This extremely derogatory stereotype has been frequently parodied, sometimes through intentionally ironic genderplay crossplay. "Sailor Bubba" (a staple of Anime Central, further enshrined as a bobble-head doll) and Man-Faye are primary examples of this.

In recent years, however, anime conventions have seen an increase in the number of Male to Female crossplayers who put a formidable amount of preparation and effort into the ruse of a female persona. Some males, particularly teenagers, frequently manage to recreate a striking image of femininity that can fool most unsuspecting bystanders.

Male to Female crossplay is typically divided quite definitively into these two groups: those engaging in genderplay, and those attempting to pass as female. The stark contrast between these two groups is due largely to the social context surrounding the subject of male crossdressing. For most males, dressing in women's clothing is not something to be taken lightly, and so most crossplayers choose either to take the approach of ironic humor (intentionally not passing), or that of the masquerade (attempting to pass).

From wikimoon

Sailor Bubba was a cosplayer infamous among the Sailor Moon fandom. In 1999 a large bearded man attended Anime Central dressed as Sailor Moon. In subsequent years he has cosplayed other magical girls, but none surpass the greatness that was Sailor Bubba.

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Well of course it felt weird to crossplay. And those heels killed me.

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@samimista: too dangerous! If i go as Gambit or Nightwing i'm bound to get groped >_>

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I cosplayed as V from V for Vendetta.

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@batman242 said:

I always wanted to dress up as Batman, but I can't... a black Batman? What? I'd get in the Beyond suit. :)

you CAN be Batman

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I'm honestly not into that kind of stuff. Not a fan. Feels too strange

I'm actually a fan when someone else does it, never tried it myself.

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@aiden_cross: Hehe! xD That is true. You must protect yourself! =O I'll get the raccoon bodyguards out for you! 0.0

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@laflux said:

@lykopis: Bi-Curious sentinels?

Ya gotta watch. Wolverine has many, many sides to him.