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i was looking on tech website and it said some people in santa-fe new Mexico say they are allergic to wireless internet and they say it discrimination also

here is the story from maximumpc

silly as that sounds, a group in Santa Fe claims the city is discriminating against them because they say they're allergic to Wi-Fi signals. "I get chest painand it doesn't go away right way, said a member of the group. The group seeks to have Wi-Fi banned from public buildings, claiming that Wi-Fi in public places is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 0_o

(i didnt mess with the story i copyed it from the site)

here is a video about it

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Bullsh#t anyone?

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but here is where the lie is they say it ONLY in the building the transmitter is not outside the wifi connection can go outside it depends on the strength of the transmitter and the one guy who gets chest pain says it lasts for severel days even after he leaves the area with wi-fi

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There stupid. Its just wifi. I doubt it has that much of and effect. Also with apple growing there aren't gonna stop them any time soon.

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It's gunna suck for then when the whole world becomes wi-fi.

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but apple wont open they os to games or anything because that why windows gets alot of viruses to the moldable operating system windows uses that make in vunarable to viruses apple's newest game is a cooking game

by the way for anyone useing mac i suggest you install their security package its not fake it from thier site


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Wow. Thats really interesting. Feel sorry for those folks

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Vlad Tepes Dracula said:

Bullsh#t anyone?