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ok so here's the deal. im 19 years old and a college student and if you saw my thread yesterday you know im training to one day make it to the nfl. I work every weekend all weekend train in the mornings and the afternoon and when im not training im either at school or doing homework. my mom approached me today and we had a long talk about how she said I should be dating. she told me that I shouldn't miss out on college experiences but I just feel like I have priorities that come before girls at this point in my life. my question is this: Should I stay focused like I am or should I mke time for a girlfriend just so I wont miss out on this time in college?

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@sog7dc: if you don't have someone you love right now, then don't go on a hunt to be in love. If you do then try to create a relationship, if you feel that you can do your work and have a girlfriend. It is your choice though.

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Try make time for your girls and other college experiences, but still put 110% in your football dream. It's better for you to work hard and not make it to the NFL, than for you to sit back decades from now and agonize over "What could have been" because you decided to give up on football.

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@sog7dc Your mom told you to start dating? 0.o

But seriously, having a girlfriend is(generally) pretty demanding and you seem to be busy enough as it is. You can still have the "college experience" without having a girlfriend. I know plenty of guys that actually had more fun not being tied down in college. So, priorities should come first, girls will always be around, get your stuff together and keep on the straight and narrow because you seem to know what you're doing.

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thanks for the advice. I think she just wants me to experience being young. ive always been kind of ahead of my age as far as my mannerisms and maturity level (mostly attributed to the fact I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents as apposed to being with other kids) and I think she wants to see me be a 19 year old. I don't go to parties or smoke or drink or have sex or stay out late. literally the most superfluous thing I do is read comics.

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It seems strange to me to deliberately try dating people, rather than waiting until someone comes along that you actually want to date.

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@sog7dc: Listen bro, don't be just searching for love. but your mom means is that you should open up and make friends. part of the college experience is having fun and building new relationships that will probably last for a long time. so if you do find a girl, then see how that goes. don't shut off people and potential relationships just because you want to play football. balance football and your social life.

so basically, don't search for love, but rather increase your college social life and maybe have the chance to meet a girl. don't be too consumed into football.

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all great advice and I really appreciate the responses. I just need to find balance in my life

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@sog7dc: Like my mom says '' You better find someone before you become famous, because if you wait they'll only love you for money and fame''. Don't know if it's true obviously haha, but there might be some truth to it. You can't rush love it just flows with life and can happen at any age.

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Just think of it like this. When or if you make it to the NFL, you will get lot's of chicks on you, so theirs your chance. :-) No I'm joking. Don't date someone you don't have feelings.

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I hope you make it to the NFL man. And Maybe ask a girl out who your casual freinds with. Something simple like dinner or a movie. but your a pretty cool guy and quite fun to talk to, I wouldn't worry too much about finding a girl who is interested in you, that will take care of itself man :)

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@sog7dc: it's important to get a grip in life first if you want to have something steady. If you mess up now you're done for. It's like in a foot race and your asking yourself should I turn back and look at the cheerleaders and possibly come in last or should I finish off first place and then go.

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Pretty damn corny and all but check out Mr. Terrific.

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For this situation, I'd say don't do it. You've made a commitment to work on other things, which is commendable, and a girl would just get in the way.

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If you really wanna date then do it

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If you don't have a gf at the moment, don't start dating. It'll probably be a waste of time unless you are willing to sacrifice some of your training time.

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You shouldnt force love, keep doing what makes you happy. You'll know if someone comes along that you want to make time for.

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Work before play.

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I'm sort of in the same position man. I want to be a bodyguard when I'm older with security experience to back me up for the next few following years. I turn 20 this month. Thing is, I have to study at Tafe (part time), which is like college and work part time. I work out for an hour and a half to 2 hours a day for 6 days a week and I have to fit in time for some martial arts training, sleep etc. All my boys (close friends) are saying that I need to spend my weekends out with girls and getting into a relationships and living the fun life for my age. I'll be honest, I'm not the most confident guy out and haven't been in a relationship in nearly 5 years so I'm kind of iffy too.

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Try make time for your girls and other college experiences, but still put 110% in your football dream. It's better for you to work hard and not make it to the NFL, than for you to sit back decades from now and agonize over "What could have been" because you decided to give up on football.

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I would just do what you're doing. If you want to date you date. If you aren't missing it and don't want a girl in your life then I don't see the problem. If you want to get a girlfriend then get a girlfriend guy.

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@sog7dc: Just to ask do u go to a d1 school since you want to go to the nfl?

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she probably just wants to make sure you're not gay. i'm not even trying to troll or anything. it's sounds like you have alot of ambition and you're doing what you need to do which she MUST respect i mean what mom wouldn't?