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According to the Site Rules and FAQs (2012 Edition)...

13. Trolling & Spamming

Will get you banned… Simple as that. This site is for all users to enjoy and this kind of behavior ruins it for everyone.

Back in the summer of 2009, I trolled on two of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic issues by posting reviews that absolutely made no sense and were just spam. Now, I have confessed my guilt here on ComicVine and apologized to those who have responded to my rubbish, some of which may have forgotten what I did back then. This also goes out to those who have read my spam/trolling reviews, but did not respond to them. I even deleted those bizarre reviews I made four years ago. To this day, I am still waiting for responses regarding my apologies for trolling and spamming the Sonic the Hedgehog comic issues.

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May Sonic forgive you.

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@deenosaur: Since you are apologizing for it, why did you troll?

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Been on since 2009 and only have 29 posts?

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@khan_noonien_singh: I had mental issues back then and I was insane at the time of these posts. Over the years, I recovered and realized I was just selfish making these dumb reviews that made no sense whatsoever. And don't worry, I have removed those spam reviews myself. The lesson I learned is to not overreact over specific issues in a comic series.

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why is it a big deal now? did you verbally insult people in them or something?

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2009 Who cares?

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Really that sounds like if anyone took it seriously without actually reading the reveiws it would be on the person in question.

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I can't even remember what I did on the internet in 2009

*looks at Facebook timeline*

Probably a good thing, too.

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Why you gotta bring up old sh!t.

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@allstarsuperman: My spam/trolling reviews on two of the Sonic the Hedgehog issues did not contain insults to any user on ComicVine. They were just my selfish expressions.

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@dernman: Does that mean everyone on ComicVine forgot about my trolling and spamming?

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@deenosaur: You are forgiven. We appreciate your apology and honesty. ^_^.

With your redemption complete, I hope you won't mind me locking this thread, as I have noticed you have made others in the past. May peace and good will reign friend. Take care!