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. . . or do I just buy too many *&#@ comic books every Wednesday? I rush after work to my local comic book shop to buy all that week's releases. However, as a teacher, my evenings are just about never my own. Tests to write; papers to grade; every once and a while trying to actually spend time with my wife. Saturday is usually my reading day. But, what happens when something takes up that day? Plus, I have the weekly podcast from Friday that I can't listen to until I finish reading the books for that week. Then the next Wednesday is here before I know if and I am buying a whole new week's worth of books before I am done reading last week's.

Two weekends ago, I read four weeks worth of books over mainly two days (and a few scatter shots the next two days). As of today, I have two weeks worth on my dining room table waiting for me to read. What does it take when you are too exhausted on a weekday evening to get any reading done? Why does Saturday have to be a make or break day?

You know, I didn't have these problems a year ago. Hmmmm.

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Time flys as you get older. They say.

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I had planned on catching up this summer, didn't and now am so far behind it's sinful. Add to that a tower of graphic novels and I don't know what's going happen because I have taken an extra large course load at school (plus commitments with some organizations and part time work.)

I have no idea when I will get-er done.

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Why don't you get some students to teach your classes?...Seriously, I suggested this to my teacher years ago and it was a lot of fun. Also means the class'll be happy since they get to laugh at someone later on...

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Honestly, my teachers did a lot less work than you're doing. All of our tests came with their teachers editions so they were already written out, the answers were provided and seeing as they were scantron, grading took a seconds. Kudos for actually caring. :]

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i'm trying to read 1 comic daily to reduce the queue, but the queue still big D:, but some days i'm really tired and don't read anything u.u and the weekends, sometimes i read a lot, but i still busy :/