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Is it wrong that of all these the only one I've played is Zombies Ate My Neighbors?

Great game though, but hard as hell.

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Hey everybody! I thought in honor of Halloween I'd make a poll on horror movies, characters, etc. for 31 days! Please remember to vote and come back tomorrow!

Also if you choose the "Other..." option say in the comments what you're favorite is.

Poll #1 Best Vampire Film - Other (30 Days of Night). Interview With The Vampire and I Am Legend tied for second.

Poll #2 Best Horror Comic - Tie between The Sandman and Swamp Thing

Poll #3 Favorite Universal Movie Monster - Frankenstein

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I've only played RE4

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RESIDENT EVIL 5...also known as Wesker being a BAMF. >_>

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Resident Evil 6 - aka 90% cutscenes 10% gameplay 100% bullcrap... Nyahahahaha!

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COD Zombies.

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COD Zombies with Left 4 Dead in second.

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Resident Evil 4 is amazing and the best zombie game of all time. It is suspenseful, scary, and has great controls. It is very fun and is not too short, The best Resident Evil along with being the best zombie, and horror game of all time.

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Zombie ate my neighbors, it was fun.

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L4D2 with L4D1's characters.

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@Deadite said:

L4D2 with L4D1's characters.

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Left 4 Dead 1 and 2

Like the second one better.